Residential Treatment Centers in Texas for Troubled Teenage Boys

Once you have made the decision to place your troubled teen in a full time therapeutic facility, it can be difficult to determine which one is going to be the best fit for him. While many parents assume they are limited to residential treatment centers in Texas, a program further from home might actually be more beneficial. In fact, we have found that troubled teens improve more when they are able to reside in entirely new surroundings. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • An opportunity for teens to identify their strengths and weaknesses in a new and challenging environment, free of old burdens and negative associations. Each boy is able to begin again with a clean slate.
  • Families are able to get some healthy distance, while they are each coached and guided through making the changes they need in order to rebuild their relationship and address personal concerns.
  • Parents have the opportunity for physical and emotional respite, while their son is immersed in a therapeutic environment that is safe, secure and supportive of his health and success.

Sundance Canyon Academy is located in northern Utah and is dedicated to helping troubled boys from Texas and throughout the country, identify their problems and learn to overcome them in a healthy way. Our unique program does not rely on traditional behavior modification techniques. Instead, we promote relationship based therapy that allows each teen to make changes from the inside out rather than simply masking the symptoms. This therapeutic method encourages students to recognize and enhance their strengths, while learning to effectively manage weaknesses. We have found that our approach to healing and our care of students and families during the transition home produces longer lasting results and more successful family relationships.

We understand that the process of finding full time help for your teen is the final option in a long and emotional journey and we want you to know that you no longer have to face it alone. Our specialized program and experienced staff is ideal for troubled boys with every kind of behavioral issue. We encourage you to expand your search outside of residential treatment centers in Florida and select the facility that will be the best fit for your son. Utah has the best and most comprehensive regulations regarding safety and accreditation for teen help programs and is extremely popular with parents throughout the U.S.

We have the same goal you do; we want to help your son turn his life around and become the competent and caring young man he is capable of being. For information about our program or enrollment, please contact us at 866-678-2425. We have helped hundreds of teen boys find a better path and we feel confident that we can help your family as well, no matter where you live.