Residential Treatment Centers in South Dakota

Are you a South Dakota parent with plenty of frustration and worry when it comes to your struggling teenage son? You may be tempted to enroll him in the nearest residential treatment center in South Dakota, but that would be a mistake. It’s all too easy to choose a therapeutic program for teens just because of geography, when you should be selecting a program based on success rates, standards and treatment philosophy.

Sundance Canyon Academy, a restful, structured place for your teenage son from South Dakota, is the right place for him to learn, grow and heal. For more information on our teen help program, please call us at 1-866-678-2425.

What are Residential Treatment Centers?

South Dakota parents of teenage boys who suffer with mental health, behavior or emotional struggles will often need a boarding treatment center to get better again. Even if the parents really do all they can to help their son, it may not be enough. A residential therapy center is a long-term boarding solution that provides regular therapy sessions, accredited school classes and chances to gain independence and self-confidence.

Residential treatment centers and their similar programs known as therapeutic boarding schools are both long-term residential plans. There are plenty of dramatic-sounding programs out there, like wilderness camp or boot camps, but these are short-term solutions and often don’t instill a lifelong ability to change the course of their lives or find success in adulthood. A residential treatment center can change all that and restore a teen boy to be the person he always wanted to be.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy has a lot of things going for it that make it stand head and shoulders above the rest. When troubled teen boys are dealing with all kinds of issues, it’s often helpful for them to get away from their bad friends and emotional and behavioral triggers. SCA is in an ideal setting for kids to turn over a new life chapter because we have such strict state laws about teen therapy programs. Every program must meet incredibly high standards. Sundance is proud to point out that it meets some of the nation’s toughest requirements for a residential program.

Another reason why parents should choose Sundance Canyon Academy is the success rate. The program has helped a large number of teens identify their particular challenges, work on ways to overcome them, and set themselves on the path toward a brighter future. Transitioning to adulthood from adolescence is always difficult, but when struggling teen boys attend the Academy, they can do so in a supportive environment as they gain independence.

Sundance Is Better Than Residential Treatment Centers in South Dakota

Teens who don’t receive any professional help are going to engage in risky behavior that will definitely complicate their lives. While any help is better than none at all, there are certain advantages that SCA offers over residential treatment centers in South Dakota.

Sundance Canyon Academy offers the following for Delaware residents:

  1. A unique location with all kinds of natural beauty.
  2. A long ways away from negative friends, frustrated teachers and worried parents.
  3. Caring administrators that ensure the center meets all state and federal regulations.
  4. Licensed therapists with adolescent counseling experience.
  5. Certified teachers in small classrooms for maximum academic support.
  6. After school activities such as sports, outdoor activities, music, drama, and art.
  7. Life skills classes to work toward independence.
  8. Group living quarters where everyone bears some responsibilities.
  9. Family therapy to repair relationships and lay new foundations for future success.
  10. Potential to earn a high school diploma.

No residential treatment centers in South Dakota can compare with Sundance Canyon Academy. Parents in South Dakota seem to understand that it’s not the location but the quality of the program that is best for kids.

Pick Sundance Canyon Academy as a Fine Program for Troubled Teens Today

There’s no right time to make the phone call to get more information on Sundance Canyon Academy. It’s just important that South Dakota parents do their research and call the program before it is too late. Fully staffed with excellent people, a unique Utah location and a long history of success are just a few of the things that make Sundance Canyon Academy such a special and healing place.

For more details on what makes Sundance Canyon Academy superior over residential treatment programs in South Dakota, please contact us here at 1- 866-678-2425.

Teens From The Following South Dakota Cities Should Enroll in Sundance Canyon Academy

Sioux Falls, Brookings, Aberdeen, Rapid City, Pierre, Yankton, Mitchell, Huron, Watertown, Spearfish, Vermillion, Box Elder, Brandon and more.