Residential Treatment Centers in South Carolina for Troubled Teenage Boys

Raising a teen with behavioral issues can be physically and emotionally exhausting. In severe cases, full time therapeutic facilities can help take some of the pressure away from parents, while giving their child a safe and secure environment in which to focus on making positive changes. While many parents begin their search for a program by looking at residential treatment centers in South Carolina, there are other factors that might make an option a little further away more ideal. We have found that many teens show greater improvement when they attend a program in an entirely unique environment for many reasons, including:

  • New and challenging surroundings where teens can start over with a clean slate. Old triggers, negative social groups and bad habits will no longer impede positive progress.
  • Parents and their teens are able to take a break from the cycle of ineffective discipline and power struggles in order to focus on the issues that have led to poor communication. While distance can be helpful when rebuilding a relationship, it can be nearly impossible to get while both parties reside in the same house.
  • Full time residential programs allow parents to get some respite from the emotional toll of dealing with a severely troubled child. While they recover, their teen is safely supported in an environment designed to help him overcome his challenges.

These are only a few of the reasons parents looking for residential treatment centers in South Carolina have chosen to entrust their troubled teen boys to Sundance Canyon Academy. Located in northern Utah, we have created an ideal location for boys struggling with behavior issues. Unlike other facilities that utilize behavior modification techniques that only address the symptoms of a problem, we employ a relationship based therapy model which helps students identify their core problems and heal from the inside out. Through a proven curriculum of various therapies, academics, recreation and life skills, we provide an individualized plan of care that caters to each teen’s specific needs. Boys who attend our program return home happier and healthier. Utah laws and regulations regarding the teen help industry are the most comprehensive in the country and we strive to exceed the standard requirements.

We know that this process is difficult and unfamiliar and we are here to help you navigate it and determine the best solution for your son. We encourage you to consider that location is less important than the right fit when it comes to giving your troubled son his best chance at success.

For questions about our program or enrollment requirements, please contact us for a consultation at 866-678-2425. We have helped hundreds of parents searching for residential treatment centers put their son on a better path and turn his life around. We are confident that we can help you too, no matter where you live.