Residential Treatment Centers In Rhode Island

Teens that exhibit extreme defiance or behavior problems can make a negative impact on their future as well as their family unit. When nothing you do at home seems to work, it may be necessary to consider other treatment options. Sundance Canyon Academy is a treatment facility for troubled boys, where they can be guided toward making better decisions and changing their outlook on life through an intensive therapeutic program and a supportive environment. Teens that are dealing with issues like depression, substance abuse or defiant behavior can overcome and learn how to cope with their challenges in a healthy way, as long as they have the right kind of intervention.

We are available to talk to you about your son’s needs and how we can help your family get back to a better path. Contact us today at 866-678-2425.

How Can We Help Your Troubled Son?

Our program is the product of extensive experience and we have seen our approach successfully work for hundreds of boys. Our primary goal is to allow each student to become the agent of his own change and develop the skills he needs to self-regulate and deal with the challenges of everyday life. Our holistic approach is designed to treat teens on the deepest level by identifying where the behavioral issues are stemming from. Some of the other benefits of our facility include:

  • Individualized plan of care for each boy to treat his unique needs.
  • We provide a variety of hands-on, experiential options like art, recreation, music and cooking therapies in order to help promote confidence and develop strengths. We also offer the more traditional forms of talk therapy, like group, family and individual sessions.
  • While many facilities feel that they can elicit better changes from their students if families are not directly involved, we believe that your input is crucial and you should be an integral part of his healing process. While we require structure in our schedule, parents are welcome to come for regular visits from the start.
  • Our quality academic program means that your son does not need to take time away from his education. We provide experienced and licensed instructors that will help him move along at a more comfortable pace than traditional school settings.
  • Each student has the opportunity for leadership and teamwork. We promote a positive peer culture in order for our teens to improve their interpersonal skills.
  • Our Aftercare program is here to support you and your teen once he returns home. We know that reentry into home and social life can be difficult, and this additional help makes the transition more successful.
  • We are located in Utah, which has the safest and best laws and regulations in the country for teen help facilities.

Issues Facing Teens In Rhode Island

Being a teen can be tricky, especially these days. Crime, suicide, sexual promiscuity and some mental disorders can lead to a lifestyle that is not fixable without professional intervention. Such issues are becoming more and more of a problem.

For teens in Rhode Island:

  • In 2008, over 1700 adolescents were arrested for illegal activities like substance abuse, violent acts and property crime.
  • 20 percent of teens abuse alcohol, while 11 percent report binge drinking.
  • Rhode Island ranks 21st in the nation for teen suicide
  • The teen pregnancy rate is 30 percent
  • 11 percent of children are newly diagnosed with ADD each year.
  • 77% of teens get their high school diploma.

While sending your son away for therapy may be the most valuable way you can help him. Although this step is painful and you may feel guilty that you haven’t been able to handle the situation on your own, please understand that some troubled teens are unable to respond to help when they are still at the mercy of the temptations and social interaction of their regular life. Programs like ours at Sundance Canyon Academy are designed to work with parents to give their son the safe, consistent and intensively therapeutic environment they need to turn their lives around. We want our students to make positive changes and develop the confidence they need to maintain those changes throughout their lives.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Rhode Island May Not Be Most Effective Option For Your Struggling Teen

We know that keeping your son in a program close to home would be most ideal, but according to teen psychologists, he may improve more in surroundings that are entirely new, so he can reinvent his outlook on life. We are proud to offer a facility that will give your teen the intervention he needs, while giving you peace of mind.

Call us know to speak to one of our experienced and supportive staff members. We look forward offering you a renewed opportunity for peace in your family. 866-678-2425.