Residential Treatment Centers in Oregon

If you have made the decision to place your teen in full time therapeutic care, your next step is to determine which program is the best one for him. Although many parents only look at residential treatment centers in Oregon in order to keep their son close to them, we encourage you to consider that the location of the program you choose is ultimately less important than finding one that is a good fit for your son’s need. There are many benefits to a facility out of state. In fact, we have found that many teens do better when they are in an environment a little further from home. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • The opportunity for troubled teens to make changes and reinvent themselves without the distraction of old triggers and temptations. Each boy can make a new beginning in entirely new surroundings.
  • Families are able to get the distance they need from each other and the negative cycle of discipline and power struggles. Each party is guided and coached throughout the process of addressing personal issues and gaining better communication skills. The time apart allows families to create a better basis for a more positive relationship.  
  • Full time therapy programs offer respite for exhausted parents. While they emotionally recover, they can rest easy knowing that their son is in capable hands in an environment designed to help him make positive changes and succeed.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We are dedicated to helping troubled boys in Oregon and throughout the country find the solution to their problems and learn to deal with day to day challenges in a healthy way. We promote relationship based therapy rather than behavior modification techniques because we feel it is important to address the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. This approach to healing from the inside out is unique and has proven itself with consistent long-term results. We also provide a variety of therapy modalities in order to encourage students to identify their strengths and work on managing their weaknesses. We have found that our method of care and healing during the transition home ultimately produces more successful maintenance of the changes that are made here.

We understand that the process of finding full time help for your teen is intimidating and scary. You want to make sure that the program is effective and the facility is safe. We encourage you to expand your search beyond residential treatment centers in Oregon and consider the best option regardless of where it is located. The state of Utah has the most comprehensive laws governing the safety and accreditation of teen help programs, making it a popular destination for troubled teens throughout the country.

We want to support you in helping your teen turn his life around. We are confident that he is capable of becoming a caring and confident young man. For more information about our program, please call us at 866-678-2425. We have helped hundreds of families in Oregon find the best path to healing and we are confident that we can help you too.