Residential Treatment Centers In New Hampshire

Raising a teen who has severe behavioral problems can leave you drained and frustrated. If your efforts to help your son are not showing any results, it may be time to consider full time intervention options. Sundance Canyon Academy is a treatment facility that helps teens learn how to change their outlook on life and deal with their challenges in a way that is healthy and progressive. We have developed a program which combines an environment of support and consistency with the benefits of intensive therapy in a variety of forms. There is hope for your defiant teen and hope for your family with the right kind of help.

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Why Are We The Best Option?

Years of experience have gone into our curriculum to effectively motivate and engage our students in their own healing process. We know that adolescents learn and develop in a way that is more experiential than adults and our approach reflects that need for the greatest possible benefits. Some of the advantages we offer include:

  • Therapy options that help students try new things develop new strengths. We have incorporated art, cooking, music and recreation into our daily routine in addition to the usual talk therapy sessions. Each student gets a variety of opportunities to practice teamwork while also being mentored on a personal level.
  • Our facility is smaller than average in order to promote a family environment and ample individual attention for each student.
  • We believe in a holistic approach that identifies and addresses the core issues that cause behavioral problems before attempting to change behavior. This method yields greater long term results than behavior modification therapy.
  • Our academic program will allow your son to maintain his educational trajectory and keep up with his class at home, while also giving him the additional tutoring help.
  • We emphasize a peer positive environment and each boy is given opportunities for leadership and teamwork.
  • Service projects in the community and life skills experiences incorporated into our curriculum help our students learn balance.
  • In order to help your son successfully reintegrate back into his social and home life, we have designed an Aftercare program to support both of you.
  • Our location in Utah means that we can offer some of the safest and most experienced care available. Each state has its own laws and regulations and our leads the pack and is widely known as the best in the nation.

Challenges Teens in New Hampshire Face

The teen years have always been challenging, but there are more temptations and distractions than ever that can lead to serious issues. For teens in New Hampshire:

  • Over 1400 teens were arrested for drugs and drinking, property crime and violence
  • 11-12% report drinking alcohol and binge drinking
  • 24th in the country for juvenile suicide
  • Teen pregnancy rate – 39%
  • 8.5% of children are diagnosed with ADHD each year
  • 86% high school graduation rate

We understand that sending your teen away is hard, but we want you to remember that it may also be the best way to help him. While it would be ideal if you could help him at home, you simply may not be able to provide him with the environment free of triggers and distractions that he needs to be receptive to help. At Sundance Canyon Academy, our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind you need while giving your son the best treatment possible. We know that each boy that comes to us is capable of more than he is and we believe that with the right kind of intervention, he can be the capable and mature person you know he is inside.

An Out Of State Option Could Be A More Effective Match For Your Boy Than The Residential Treatment Centers In New Hampshire

Your impulse is probably to place your child somewhere nearby, and we know that sending him out of state seems intimidating. However, changing the surroundings is one of the most effective ways to help struggling teens reinvent themselves, according to many leading teen psychologists. You want what is best for your son and we want to help you find it. Contact us today and take the first step toward giving your family a happier and healthier future. 866-678-2425.

We Help Teens Throughout New Hampshire, Including:

Laconia, Nashua, Portsmouth, Manchester, Keene, Dover, Concord, Rochester, Berlin, Laconia, Franklin, Lebanon, Claremont and Somersworth