Residential Treatment Centers in Michigan

Almost no parenting experience is more difficult than raising a troubled teen. You may often feel as though you have nowhere to turn and nothing you do seems to be making any difference. In such cases, outside intervention is required in order to help your teen turn his life around While many parents assume that they should limit their search to residential treatment centers in Michigan, you should ultimately place more emphasis on what facility is going to be the best fit for your son’s needs. We have found that teens attending facilities further from home thrive more overall. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Families in a negative cycle of power struggles and discipline often need time apart to regroup and focus on the skills they need to acquire to live together successfully. Full time facilities offer the opportunity to take some supervised time apart and re-create the base for a better relationship through professional guidance.
  • An entirely new and challenging environment gives troubled teens the opportunity to reinvent themselves without the triggers and distractions from their home and social life.
  • Full time therapeutic programs provide respite for parents who are exhausted by the toll of raising a troubled teen. While they emotionally and physically re-charge, their son is securely monitored and compassionately guided toward making positive changes and repairing his important relationships.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We are dedicated to helping families with troubled teens from Michigan and throughout the country gain the skills they need to make better choices and live a more successful life. Our program is unique because we do not utilize traditional behavior modification techniques. Instead, we have designed a relationship based program that targets the root of the problem in order to help student from the inside out rather than simply treating the symptoms. Through a versatile therapeutic curriculum, an accredited academic program and highly experienced staff, we offer an environment that has successfully treated hundreds of boys with long term results. We also provide a valuable aftercare program that aids teens and their parents during the transition home to make sure that all the hard work is maintained.   

We know that this is an emotional and intimidating process for you and we want you to know that you are no longer alone. Our secure and comfortable environment, along with the caring and knowledgeable staff is designed to help you rest easy, knowing that your son is in capable hands. Utah has the strictest laws and regulations in the nation regarding health, safety and accreditation in teen programs and we consistently strive to exceed the already comprehensive requirements. If you have restricted yourself to researching only residential treatment centers in Michigan, please consider the many advantages to be found in out of state options as well.

We share the same goal you do; to help your son change his lifestyle and get on the path to a happier and healthier future. Contact us at 866-678-2425 to discuss the ways your son might benefit from our proven and unique program. We have already helped hundreds of families in Michigan find the best therapeutic option for their son and we are certain that we can help you as well.