Residential Treatment Centers In Maine

One of the most painful and frustrating things a parent can deal with is a teen with behavioral issues. If you are looking for solutions to get your family back on track, we can help. Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time treatment center for teens that need help learning how to manage their issues and learn how to deal with daily issues in a healthy way. Through an experienced and supportive staff and a program that is designed to cater to the needs and learning style of adolescents, we can offer you the kind of intervention that will help your son turn his life around and discover strengths he didn’t know he had. We combine consistency and a holistic approach that has already been successful for hundreds of boys in Maine and throughout the country.

If you are considering a boarding school for boys in Maine, please contact us today to discuss how our facility may be more effective for your troubled son. 866-678-2425.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We believe that every teen has the capacity to become mature and healthy with the right kind of help and environment. Our curriculum was created to keep teens motivated and engaged in the healing process. Some of the specifics of our program include:

  • Holistic methods that treat teens from the inside out. We believe that utilizing only behavior modification therapy, as many programs do, are not as effective because they only target the symptoms. We encourage our students to explore and identify what is causing their behavior so they can take the right steps to fix the resulting actions and choices.
  • Parents and families play a large part in the recovery of their boys and we involve you from the beginning. We know that you are the best resource and support for your son and our goal is to not only help your son recover, but also to teach you how to communicate effectively and help him maintain his positive changes.
  • We offer individualized treatment plans. While positive peer connection and teamwork are highly encouraged, your son has a distinctive combination of needs that we work on from day one.
  • Academics are part of our program and we offer a nationally accredited curriculum as well as instructors experienced in working with troubled teens. Your son can continue his education and transfer when the time is right, or get the help he needs to progress at a better pace.
  • We keep things interesting and well-rounded by providing therapy options beyond the usual group and individual talk therapy. Your son can experience music, art, culinary and recreation opportunities that are designed to encourage self-esteem and personal strength.
  • We provide an environment that is balanced and consistent and we want each of our students to learn the benefits of maintaining those aspects into their lives. To help, we have incorporated life skills training and service projects into our weekly routine.
  • Because it can be hard to maintain progress once your son returns home, we have created an Aftercare option that will support both you and him as he adjusts back into normal life.
  • We are located in Utah, which means that our facility is subject to the best, most comprehensive laws for teen help programs in the country. Each state is different in their regulations and we take pride in offering a facility that will give you peace of mind.

Issues Teens From Maine Face

Being an adolescent these days can require navigating a myriad of situations and temptations that could lead to life changing decisions. It is important to know what your son may be up against in his social environment.

For teens in Maine:

  • 2000+ juvenile arrests in 2008 for issues like violence, property damage and substance abuse
  • 18 percent of teens abuse alcohol and 11% report binge drinking
  • 11th in the nation for teen suicide
  • Teen pregnancy rate is over 30%
  • 10% of kids are identified as having ADHD every year
  • 84% graduation rate

It is not uncommon for parents in your situation to feel discouraged and frustrated because you have been unable to get your son to change. We want you to know that programs such as ours exist because many troubled teens simply cannot focus on turning their lives around as long as they are dealing with the distractions and triggers at home and school. Even your best intentions can’t create the consistent and restrictive surroundings he needs to start on the path to health. Our program is designed to make each student the master of his own change through a supportive network of experienced therapists and counselors. At Sundance Canyon Academy, our objective is to help each teen become equipped with the strengths and skills he needs to make and maintain positive changes.

Why You Should Consider An Out Of State Option Instead Of The Teen Help Facilities In Maine

As a parent, we know that you want to keep your son as close as possible, but we want you to consider the benefits of a program further from home. Experts in teen psychology have suggested that a change of surroundings is more conducive for teens that need to reinvent themselves. Call us today for a free consultation and we can address any questions and concerns that you may have. We can help you and your troubled teen find peace and happiness. 866-678-2425

We Serve Cities Throughout Maine, Including:

Augusta, Portland, Biddeford, Lewiston, Auburn, South Portland, Bangor, Caribou, Saco, Bath, Westbrook, Brewer, Presque, Waterville