Residential Treatment Centers in Illinois for Troubled Teenage Boys

Parent of Illinois’ troubled teens are turning to long-term therapy programs to help their children deal with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Making the decision to send your troubled teen to full time therapeutic care can be difficult and intimidating. However, once you know that it’s your teen son’s only hope for a healthy and bright future, it can make the decision a little easier. Most parents look at live-in treatment centers in Illinois for troubled boys, and it’s hard to know which one is right for their teen. Sundance Canyon Academy is a viable alternative to residential treatment facilities in Illinois for troubled boys and worth researching.

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Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

With the numerous treatment centers available in Illinois, it can be hard to know which one will be the best fit for your son. While you may be tempted to limit your search to facilities nearby, don’t limit your search geographically because the best program may be in a different state. Sundance Canyon Academy is located in Utah and while this location may seem to be out of the question for some Illinois parents, it can actually be beneficial for teens to start a therapy program in an environment that is entirely unique.

Another advantage of choosing Sundance Canyon Academy is that it has some of the highest operating standards in the country. Why? Because we abide by the most comprehensive safety regulations and accreditation laws in the U.S., this makes us a popular option for conscientious parents. When there is some distance between the troubled teenager and his bad friends or stressed parents, it can be a good time to start over and break bad habits. Each party is able to gain the tools they need in order to start over and work on a more effective relationship. Sundance Canyon Academy has helped hundreds of families and teenagers implement significant changes in their lives.

Benefits of Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys in Illinois

While some Illinois parents may be tempted to enroll their teenage boys in short-term programs like a wilderness camp or a boot camp, reports have shown that to achieve lasting change for issues dealing with behavior, emotional and mental health, a program that is long-term is best. That’s why a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center for troubled boys in Illinois are the best options when parents want their teen to get professional help.

Here are just a few of the things that make troubled teen fulltime treatment centers so successful:

  • New surroundings where struggling teens can start over with a clean slate, free of the burden of daily triggers, negative social groups and bad habits.
  • Trained staff members create a safe and structured environment, surrounded by professionals dedicated to helping teen boys turn their lives around and repair relationships.
  • Licensed and experienced therapists hold individual and group sessions to discover the root cause of each teen’s challenges.
  • Licensed teachers hold classes so teens can get up to grade level and work toward a high school diploma.
  • Recreational activities to boost self-esteem and show teens how to have uplifting fun.
  • Life skills lessons, from cleaning to cooking, plus leadership opportunities to develop character.

Above all, residential centers for treatment focus on helping students identify their core issues so they can make changes from the inside out, rather than simply try to treat the symptoms. Through a variety of therapy sessions, academic classes and constant guidance by qualified professionals, troubled teens are able to work on their strengths while learning to manage their weaknesses.

Teens Who Don’t Receive Professional Help at Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Youth Face the Following Issues

When Illinois teenagers don’t really get therapy or guidance on how to deal with their emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues, it can lead to all kinds of risky behavior. When the teens receive consequences for their actions, they can jeopardize their future and even endanger themselves and their peers. Listed below are just a few of the risky behaviors that some teens are doing in Illinois:

  • Of Illinois teens, 9.5% abuse alcohol
  • Marijuana use is among 6.4% of Illinois teens
  • 4.5% of Illinois teens use illegal drugs
  • 1,850 arrests in one year were related to property crime and 1,066 arrests for crimes that were violent
  • Concerning suicide, Illinois is 45th in the nation
  • Illinois only has a 67% high school graduation rate

It’s obvious that the longer it takes for a teenager to get the professional help he or she needs to steer clear of risky behavior, the more likely they are to engage. No parent wants to see their teen get involved in dangerous or destructive behavior. That’s why it’s important to consider residential treatment centers for troubled teens in Illinois. Sundance Canyon Academy is the ideal location for teen boys who struggle with all kinds of issues, and we are dedicated to helping each one.

Choose Sundance Canyon Academy Over a Residential Treatment Center in Illinois

Sundance Canyon Academy is located northern Utah and is an ideal destination for teen boys struggling with behavioral issues such as anxiety, defiance, depression, mantel or anger disorders. Our unique system promotes therapy based on relationships rather than traditional behavioral modification techniques. This style of healing, as well as our aftercare program which guides families through the transition home, has produced longer lasting results and better family dynamics.

We understand that if you have reached this point, you have already been on this difficult and emotional road for a while. The good news is that you no longer have to deal with it alone. We offer a caring partnership where our goal is the same as yours and that is to help your troubled son heal and recognize his full potential. We encourage you to take into account that even though a full time treatment center in Illinois might seem ideal, you should expand your search to out of state options as well in order to match your son with the best program for him.

For information about our program or enrollment, please contact Sundance Canyon Academy at 866-678-2425. We want to help you today, no matter what state you call home.