Residential Treatment Centers In Hawaii

Trying to decide what to do with your troubled teen son can be intimidating and stressful. With such a wide variety of teen help programs available, it can be difficult to determine which one is going to be the most helpful. Sundance Canyon Academy is designed to help parents like you get the help they need for their struggling boy. We understand that extreme behavioral issues can impact the entire family and we are fully equipped to help teens overcome their issues through a holistic approach in an environment that is supportive and consistent. Our goal is to help each of our students find their potential and be more prepared for a healthy and happy future.

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Why Is Sundance Canyon Academy The Best Choice?

Teens are unique because they grow and learn differently than children or adults do. Motivation is necessary for change and we have developed a curriculum that is designed specifically for adolescents. Our program is based on many years of experience and we offer some unique and specific advantages, including:

  • Rather than a behavior modification approach that primarily focuses on the symptoms, or bad choices, we have chosen to treat with a holistic method that starts with identifying and treating the core of the issue and going from there.
  • There is no one size fits all option when it comes to therapeutic treatment and we have a system in place that caters to your teen as an individual with a unique combination of challenges.
  • Many programs like to keep parents at a distance while they work with their defiant teen, but we feel that family is one of the most important elements in the healing process. We do require structure, but family is welcome for on-campus visits and we prefer to guide both parents and their sons as a unit.
  • Your son does not need to take a break from school in order to attend Sundance Canyon Academy. We are equipped with a nationally recognized educational program and teachers that will help guide your son academically at a more comfortable pace than traditional school.
  • Be believe that traditional talk therapy has its place, but teens are more likely to open up and respond to help if they are engaged and motivated. We offer a wide variety of activities and therapeutic opportunities in order to better personalize each boy’s treatment plan for his temperament and needs. Some of these include music, recreation, art and culinary therapy.
  • Returning home to daily home and social life can be difficult after an extended stay in a residential treatment center. We have an Aftercare program that supports your entire family as you and your teen work to put your new skills into play.

Hawaii Teens Face Many Challenges

Even in the best of circumstances, the adolescent years are a time of experimentation and a push for independence. This drive, combined with peer pressure can sometimes evolve into situations that are detrimental to your teen’s future.

For teens in Hawaii:

  • More than 2000 teen arrests for substance abuse, violent crime and property crime.
  • Approximately 13 percent use illegal drugs.
  • 15 percent drink alcohol and 10 percent have tried binge drinking.
  • Ranked 8th in the nation for teen suicide
  • 49 percent adolescent pregnancy rate
  • 6.5 percent new ADHD diagnoses rate each year.
  • 80 percent of high schoolers graduate

If you have been discouraged that nothing you do seems to help your teen, you are not alone. We know that you would do anything to help your child, but the fact is that home is sometimes not the best place for a severely troubled boy. Many teens with behavioral problems are unable to be receptive to help until they are completely removed from the temptations and distractions they encounter in regular life. Eliminating these can be nearly impossible within the home, which is why full time teen help programs like Sundance Canyon Academy have become so valuable to concerned parents. We encourage our students to take charge of their own change in an environment that is both supportive and consistent. We have seen overwhelmingly positive results in hundreds of boys and we are confident that your son is capable of being the mature and healthy young man you know he really is. Our aim is the help your son equip himself with the physical and emotional tools that he will need for a happy life.

Out of State Options May Be a Better Match For Your Son Than A Residential Treatment Center In Hawaii

Although you probably prefer to look at programs in Hawaii, we want to encourage you to consider solutions on the mainland as well. Not only is a change of environment more likely to help your son reinvent himself positively, you must consider the laws and procedures that pertain to schools for troubled boys in your area. Each state has different standards for safety, experience and accreditation. We can assure you that our location in Utah means that we are subject to the most comprehensive regulations in the country.

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We Help Families Throughout Hawaii Including:

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