Residential Treatment Centers in Connecticut

Raising a teen with severe behavioral issues can leave you feeling depleted of all your emotional resources. If your son has not responded to any of your efforts to help him, it may be time to consider outside assistance. Although you are likely to begin your research process with residential treatment centers in Connecticut, we would encourage you to consider out of state options as well. While it is understandable that you want to keep your son close to home, sending him a little further afield may actually aid the healing process. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Troubled teens are immersed in a new and challenging environment where they can reinvent themselves without the burden of previous associations and negative triggers. Each boy can work on the changes he needs with a clean slate.
  • Teens and their parents are able to get some healthy distance from each other while they focus on their individual issues. Time apart can be helpful when it is supervised and guided by professionals to result in a stronger foundation for a healthier relationship.
  • Exhausted parents have the opportunity for some respite, while their son is safely housed in surroundings that are designed to help him overcome his challenges and repair his relationships.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time therapeutic program located in northern Utah. For many years, we have been providing a more effective solution for troubled teens than a residential treatment center in Connecticut. We offer a unique program that relies on relationship based therapy, rather than behavior modification techniques. This method encourages students to discover and target their core issues, instead of simply controlling the symptoms. This approach to healing from the inside out is achieved through a variety of therapy modalities as well as life skills opportunities. In addition, we offer a fully accredited academic program that keeps students on target with their class at home, while teaching valuable study skills. Both teens and their parents are given regular individual attention from the moment they arrive until after the transition home.

We understand that the process of selecting a school is unfamiliar and intimidating and we want to make sure you are comfortable with the one you choose. Utah is a popular location for teen help programs since the laws and regulations governing them are strict and comprehensive. Parents throughout the country are anxious to place their troubled teens in the safest, most experienced facilities available.

Our goal is to help troubled teen boys, just like your son, turn their lives around and become happier and healthier. We are confident that each boy is capable of becoming caring and productive individuals. We have helped hundreds of families searching for residential treatment centers in Connecticut find the best therapeutic option possible and we are certain that we can help you as well. Contact us today for a consultation 866-678-2425.