Residential Treatment Centers in California for Troubled Teenage Boys

Parenting a troubled teen can be exhausting, and in severe cases you may find that you need outside intervention in order to help him turn his life around. While you might be tempted to limit your search to residential treatment centers in California in order to keep your teen close to home, there are many other factors you should consider before you make a decision. Ultimately, selecting a facility nearby is less important than finding one whose program will suit your struggling son and his needs. We have found that teens that go a little further from home actually thrive more. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Full time teen help programs allow families to take some much needed time apart in order to emotionally regroup and focus on gaining the skills they need for better communication and a more effective relationship. It can be very difficult to get the necessary distance while living in the same household.
  • A new and challenging environment allows troubled teens the opportunity to start over in a safe place, free of old temptations and distractions. Your son can begin his healing process in controlled surroundings with a clean slate.
  • Even the most loving and dedicated parents may need the respite that full time programs can provide. You can get the mental and emotional rest you need, while your teen is immersed in secure surroundings designed to help him make positive changes. During this time, you will also be coached by professionals on how to help your son maintain his success.

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in northern Utah, is dedicated to helping troubled teenage boys from California and throughout the U.S. overcome the challenges that inhibit healthy growth and development. Our program is unique in that we promote relationship based methods rather than the more traditional behavior modification techniques. Our therapeutic curriculum and safe atmosphere encourages troubled teens to identify their strengths and focus on fixing the core issues to led to bad choices in the first place. This approach to healing from the inside out, as well as our care for families during the transition home, has consistently produced long lasting results and more emotionally successful families.  

We understand that this process is difficult and emotional and we want you to know that you do not have to face the situation alone. Sundance Canyon Academy’s unique program and caring, experienced staff is ideal for struggling adolescent boys with all kinds of behavioral issues. In addition, Utah has the most comprehensive rules and regulations governing its teen help programs, making it popular with parents throughout the country. If you have been researching residential treatment centers in California, please consider the benefits of out of state option can provide as well.

Our goal is the same as yours; to help your child become a happier and healthier individual. Call us today at 866-678-2425 to discuss whether our program is a good fit for your son and his unique needs. We have helped thousands of families in California improve their relationships and we are confident that we can help you as well, no matter where you are located.