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Residential Treatment Centers In Arkansas

Residential Treatment Centers In Arkansas

Parents of troubled teens in Arkansas often feel as if they have nowhere to turn to get help for their children. When it comes to dealing with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues in teenage boys, many parents rely on the schools or a once-per-week counseling session to take care of the problems. However, residential treatment centers in Arkansas are a fine option for teens that need long-term care and lots of therapy on a regular basis. Sundance Canyon Academy is a great residential treatment center for troubled teens in Arkansas, where boys can get long-term help that will positively impact them throughout their lives.

Residential treatment centers focus on emotional, behavioral and mental health issues like substance abuse, abuse trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, and many more issues. With caring mentors and therapists, plus teachers and administrators who are dedicated to making sure that the teens can start the healing process in their lives, this full-time living arrangement is often exactly what troubled teens need. Sundance Canyon Academy is a leading residential treatment center that accepts boys from Arkansas and across the country.

Why Choose Sundance Canyon Academy?

Parents shouldn’t choose a residential treatment center in Arkansas just because it is close. They should choose a residential treatment center that best supports their child’s needs. Sundance Canyon Academy should be the top choice for parents of troubled teen boys for many reasons. Because of it’s location, the residential treatment center must abide by some of the toughest regulatory laws that are among the highest standards in the country. This means that Arkansas parents feel comfortable sending their sons to a facility that will be safe, secure and successful. Sundance Canyon Academy is also focused on therapy as a tool for healing. Our licensed therapists hold group and individual sessions for teens to get to the heart of their issues, then focus on healing.

Sundance Canyon Academy will also help troubled teen boys who have not done so well in traditional schools with credit repair, getting up to grade level and eventually even earning a high school diploma. On top of that, recreation, social skills and life skills are prioritized in the curriculum so that teen boys can rejoin society as fully contributing members and pursue health and happiness like everyone else. Our facility in Southern Utah is ideal for boys to learn and grow as they deal with their various issues. Arkansas parents should really give Sundance Canyon Academy a look to see if it is a good fit for their teenage sons. Sundance Canyon Academy is an excellent alternative to residential treatment centers in Arkansas.

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