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 Residential Treatment Centers For Troubled Boys In Kentucky

Raising a teen with severe behavioral issues can be frustrating and emotionally depleting. If nothing you do seems to help your troubled son, it may be time to consider a full time therapeutic solution in order to give him the intensive environment he needs. Although you are likely to prefer one of the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Kentucky, there are many options available throughout the country that might actually be a better fit. Some of the benefits of a program a little further away are:

  1. A unique opportunity for teens to be removed from the surroundings they associate with daily triggers and temptations and work on positive changes in a new and challenging environment.

  2. Teens and their parents can get some time apart in order to focus on their individual challenges and focus on acquiring better communication skills so they can improve their relationship.

  3. Troubled teens are cared for and supported in a facility designed to help them turn their lives around while their parents get some respite from the constant stress and worry.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is The Best Choice

For many years, Sundance Canyon Academy has been a more effective destination than the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Kentucky. We have designed a unique and supportive environment that is most likely to promote long term results. Some of the reasons for this are:

  1. We offer a holistic, relationship based therapy method that allows teens to determine the root of their problems and heal themselves from the inside out. Most programs only address the symptoms through behavior modification therapy.

  2. We provide a variety of therapy modalities that allow staff members to craft an individual plan of care for each teen according to his goals and learning style.

  3. We maintain a small facility in order to provide each boy with the crucial one-on-one time he needs with counselors and therapists as he works his way through the program.

  4. Our accredited academic program is overseen by experienced and licensed instructors. Students can get the help they need as they work at their own pace toward graduation. Credits earned at our facility are fully transferrable.

  5. Our location in Utah makes us popular among conscientious parents because the laws and regulations governing teen help programs within the state are the strictest and most comprehensive in the country.

Sundance Canyon Academy Supports The Whole Family

We know that the process of choosing the best school for your troubled teen is intimidating and you want to make sure it is a good fit. Although the residential treatment centers for troubled boys in Kentucky might seem ideal, we urge you to make your ultimate selection based on safety and experience, rather than location.

For questions about our program or a consultation, please contact us at (801) 675-8101.

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