Private School For Troubled Teens

Parenting a troubled teen can sap all of your emotional and physical resources and it is particularly frustrating when none of your efforts to help seem to be making a difference. If your struggling son is consistently putting his healthy development at risk and has not responded to any outpatient efforts, it may be time to consider a more intensive solution, like a reform school for struggling teens. These facilities are full time programs that remove struggling teens from the temptations and distractions of their home environment and immerse them in supportive surroundings designed to help them deal with their challenges. Knowing what such options provide for you and your teen can help you decide if a residential program is the best solution for your troubled boy.

What Happens At Alternative Schools For Teens?  

Upon arrival, students meet with a qualified therapist who will evaluate his needs and determine a baseline for his emotional, behavioral and social needs. This assessment creates the basis for a plan of care that is personalized for each boy’s individual combination of needs and goals. Although each facility will have their own curriculum, most provide a combination of individual, group and family therapies. Many programs also include additional opportunities like life skills coaching and recreational or experiential therapies. Effective programs will also include a healthy amount of leisure time and coordinated group activities into each teen’s plan of care in order to help him balance work and play while he practices teamwork and healthy interaction.  The primary goal of private schools for struggling teens is to help each student identify their challenges and heal from the inside out.   

As you decide if a full time treatment program is the right destination for your teen, keep in mind that one of the benefits of such programs is the physical and emotional respite offered to tired parents. Dealing with a defiant or troubled adolescent is one of the most exhausting things a parent can experience. While your son is guided and supported by experienced professionals, you will be able to regroup and be ready to help your son maintain all of his hard work when he returns home. Don’t forget that you are his main support and you will be less effective if you are entirely drained.

How Do I Choose The Best Facility?

Reform schools for troubled teens are designed for parents that are out of options. Although the idea of sending your child away may be uncomfortable, it can also be just the thing he needs in order to turn his life around. Your best intentions at home may not be enough for a teen that needs intensive therapy and coaching in a monitored environment. If you have decided that a full time program is the next logical move, it makes sense to select the one that will give him the greatest chance of success. We encourage you not to limit yourself to only the programs that are close to home. Each state has different standards when it comes to their teen help programs.

Therapeutic boarding schools in Utah are currently the most sought after in the nation because the laws and regulations are so comprehensive. Keep in mind that location is ultimately less important than making sure a potential facility is a good fit for your son and offers you peace of mind.  

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center. We are located in Utah and unlike other programs, we provide a relationship based therapy curriculum rather than behavior modification therapy techniques in order to encourage healing from the inside out rather than simply treating the symptoms. For information about our facility, or a consultation, please call us at (866) 678-2425.