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​Picking The Best Out Of State School For Troubled Teen Boys

Finding Emotional Support For Parents With Struggling Teens

Your have tried therapy, group sessions, medication, even community service mandated by the courts. Nothing seems to work and your son is more out of control than ever. Now you don’t know what to do anymore and worry that your options might be coming to an end. But the problem won’t disappear just because the treatments run out.

An out of state school that specializes in helping troubled teen boys may be just what you are looking for.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools – What Are They?

A therapeutic boarding school is a place where your child can go to get both therapeutic help and academic assistance. These fantastic boarding schools place the focus on a 50/50 level so your son can get the best of both worlds every day that he attends.

On staff are trained and licensed professionals, including teachers, aids, nurses, therapists, tutors, psychologists, psychiatrists, extracurricular staff (such as coaches) and administrative staff. All of these team members will work together to ensure the success of your teen. That includes an improvement in academic performance alongside improvement in mental and emotional health.

How Much Do These Schools Cost?

These schools cost an average of $60,000 per school year, which includes board and tuition. That amount does depend on the school, however and may also include other costs such as food, uniforms, ect.

Some schools have education payment loans, plans and scholarships to apply for. Others will give a discount for paying up front. There are many possibilities to paying tuition outside of these, such as loans from banks or even taking out a second mortgage. Remember, you are ultimately investing in your child’s future. That is worth any price.

Is It Safe to Send My Son Out of State?

A big concern for many parents is the fact that they will be sending their child to another state for the school year, or even an extended school year with the average being between 12 and 18 months. Is it safe? What if they have a history of running away?

These schools go out of their way to make sure they are well secured and safe for any students within their program. They also reside nearby hospitals and police stations, in case anything went wrong and intervention was necessary.

Students within the care of these schools for troubled teen boys will find that they are more than able to handle any situations that may arise.

Find out more at Sundance Canyon Academy.

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