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Parents: Sending Your Son To A Therapeutic Boarding Schools Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed H

Feeling like they failed their teenage son can hold some parents back from enrolling their teen in a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys. But there are services and structured environments that teenage boys can benefit from significantly that are not available outside of a therapeutic boarding school. Also, the longer troubled teen boys go with effective intervention, the more severe the problems can become.

If you have been struggling to know whether you should send your son to a troubled teen program like Sundance Canyon Academy, and are worried that it means you failed your child, we are here to help offer clarity.

Don’t Let Others Drag You Down For Your Decision

Even if you feel like a therapeutic boarding school is the right resource to help your teenage son, there may be others who try to speak against your decision. Often, immediate family members will understand why you chose a therapeutic boarding school, as they have been front and center to the turmoil and trouble that your teenage son has been experiencing, and perhaps causing.

Other people who may feel entitled to comment on your parenting decisions are generally those who have no say and weren’t offering support anyway. So, if some distant aunt or coworker has something to say about sending your teen to a therapeutic boarding school, you can safely ignore these people who have no say in how your child is raised and turns out.

What A Therapeutic Boarding School Can Do That Parents Can’t

Unfortunately, there is only so much that parents can do for their teens once their kids have started to struggle. Not only do parents still have work, and often other children to care for, but since your troubled teen still attends school, there are at least 7-8 hours of the day that are outside of your control.

However, at a therapeutic boarding school, your teen can be offered the immersive support, therapeutic help, and discipline that is simply impossible for most parents to offer and still have a functioning household. Some of the main things therapeutic boarding schools provide are:

  1. Provide strict and healthy daily structure – Troubled teens may not initially like the disciplined and structured life at a therapeutic boarding school, but do end up thriving. That’s often due to the fact that it allows the teens to rely on a set schedule and understand what is expected of them.

  2. Removes teens from toxic influences – Often, troubled teens have toxic influences that parents struggle to detangle their teenagers from, especially since these influences are often their school friends. Away at a therapeutic boarding school, teens are surrounded by positive influences and other teenagers who are striving for self-improvement.

  3. Helps catch up with peers academically – Falling behind in school is another hallmark of troubled teens. By attending a therapeutic boarding school, teens can take remedial classes with state-licensed teachers and correct bad grades to help catch up with their peers academically.

  4. Teaches life skills that have been neglected or missed – Likely, when it came to teaching your teen basic life skills like washing dishes, personal hygiene, leadership, and other skills, they refused to learn. In the structure of a therapeutic boarding school, teenagers learn a wide variety of life skills to prepare them to become productive young adults.

  5. Immersive therapy is structured into daily life – Possibly the most important aspect is the daily therapy built into therapeutic boarding schools. From meetings with their licensed therapists, attending teenagers will have daily group therapy and other therapeutic activities, such as community services, personal growth activities, and more.

When Do You Know It’s Time For A Therapeutic Boarding School

Waiting for a dramatic breaking point before sending your teen to a therapeutic boarding school can put your teen and the rest of the family at-risk. Rather than waiting for the next worse thing, you can call talk to us here at Sundance Canyon Academy.

Should you want to learn more about our program and see if your son is a good fit for Sundance, feel free to contact us by phone or fill out our form. We are more than happy to talk to you and go over your concerns, as well as elaborate on what our academy can offer your teenage son.

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