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Out-of-Control Teenager Needs an Out-of-State Therapeutic Boarding School

Parenting an out-of-control teenager can require more intensive solutions than simply grounding, extra chores, and in-depth rules can provide. While these interventions may work on a teen that is just acting out and testing boundaries, genuinely out-of-control teens often need out-of-state therapeutic boarding schools to get their lives back on track.

If you aren’t sure that your teen has moved into the out-of-control territory and needs an out-of-state therapeutic boarding school, here are some ways to determine if your teen’s needs can be met in one of these schools.

How To Determine If Your Teen Is Out-Of-Control

When it comes to determining if your teen is out-of-control, you may need some outside measurements. Some behaviors you will see in out-of-control teenagers are:

  1. Self-destructive behavior – Many things can be classed as self-destructive behavior, such as cutting, risky sexual behaviors, suicidal ideation and attempts, as well as other harmful actions. Teens displaying self-destructive behavior requires immediate intervention to prevent severe consequences.

  2. Academic failure – Lower grades in one or two classes is not uncommon among teenagers. Often, teens will have a couple of subjects where they need extra help to understand the material. However, out-of-control teens will often have poor grades across the board, not simply in one or two subjects.

  3. Substance abuse – A standout self-destructive behavior that should be highlighted is substance abuse among out-of-control teens. Troubled teenagers will often turn to using various mind-altering substances to escape and avoid dealing with painful realities.

  4. Inability to follow rules – It is not uncommon for teenagers to test boundaries and push for independence by breaking rules. However, if your teen has shown an inability to follow the rules regardless of the consequences they experience, it is a clear sign that they are out-of-control.

  5. Mental health deterioration – Teens struggling with depression, oppositional defiance disorder, bipolar, anxiety, and other conditions may become out-of-control as their mental health deteriorates. Intensive and immersive therapeutic care at a specialized boarding school may be what your teen needs to regain control of their life.

These are just some of the clearest signs that a teenager is out-of-control. As their parents, you know your teen best. Therefore, you are in the best position to determine if their ongoing behavior is out-of-control.

If you have determined that your teen is out-of-control and needs more intensive care, an out-of-state therapeutic boarding school like Sundance Canyon Academy may be just what your teen needs.

Benefits Of An Out-Of-State Therapeutic Boarding School

In many cases, it is best for out-of-control teens to attend an out-of-state therapeutic boarding school. Not only does it make it less likely that your teen will try to run away or have their friends come by and disrupt the healing process, but there are many other benefits.

  1. New environment for a fresh start – Making changes in the same environment that led your teen to be out-of-control can be difficult to nearly impossible. Attending an out-of-state therapeutic boarding school may be the fresh start that your teen needs.

  2. Immersive therapy – Rather than attending talk therapy once a week or every two weeks, your teen can engage in different therapeutic modalities on a daily basis. From personal individual therapy to group therapy, your teen can learn and heal while in an out-of-state therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens.

  3. Positive new peer group – A teenager’s friends are a major influence on their behavior, so it is essential that out-of-control teens move away from negative influences. By changing environments and having more positive peers to influence your teen, they will be better able to stick to making permanent, healthy changes.

  4. Time to learn and grow – Attending a therapeutic boarding school is generally a commitment of at least six months, sometimes more. With that kind of time away and working on developing new habits, it is easier for your teen to make lasting changes.

  5. Supportive school structure – Unlike other troubled teen programs, your teen will also attend classes at Sundance Canyon Academy. That way, your teen can enjoy smaller class sizes, tutors, and licensed teachers that can accommodate your teen’s learning needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Sundance Canyon Academy, feel free to contact us. One of our program advisors will be happy to discuss your concerns with you and see if our program is a good fit for your teenage son.

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