Our Therapeutic Boarding School in Utah



Therapeutic boarding schools are full time residential facilities that offer immersive care for teens struggling with severe behavioral issues. Such programs help teach the skills necessary to deal with daily challenges and manage future ones. These facilities are usually a last resort for parents whose teens are unable or unwilling to respond to their efforts to help them turn their lives around in their home environment. Aside from being staffed by professionals experienced in adolescent psychology, one of the main benefits of therapeutic boarding schools is that teens are able to get away from the triggers and temptations they deal with at home in order to become more receptive to the changes they need to make.

Sundance Canyon Academy

We are a therapeutic boarding school located in northern Utah and we have developed a unique program to help teens with a variety of issues learn better problem solving skills and make better choices. Our relationship based therapy program encourages boys to identify and target their core issues in order to heal more completely, from the inside out. Most facilities use behavior modification therapy, which only masks the underlying symptoms of the greater problem. Some of the factors that set us apart from other boarding schools for troubled boys are:

  • Individualized Plans – We understand that each boy has different strengths and weaknesses and although he may share similar symptoms with other troubled teens, his motivation and learning style is entirely different. We assess each boy’s individual emotional, social and medical needs before designing a treatment plan with goals that are individualized for him. We also provide each student with daily one-on-one with our counselors and therapists in order to alter his plan of care as he progresses.
  • Academics – Maintaining educational goals is a major concern for most parents and we offer a nationally accredited academic program with licensed instructors in order to help each teen keep up with his class at home, regardless of where that is.
  • Improved Communication – Most troubled teens need help improving their communication skills with both peers and authority figures. We provide a variety of team building activities as well as group therapy sessions so that each teen can practice empathy, personal boundaries and positive interaction. Our smaller and more intimate environment mimics a family setting, which brings each boy to the forefront and encourages him to bond and develop healthy and trusting relationships.
  • Parental Involvement – You know your son and the challenges he faces better than anyone. We value your input as a parent and encourage you to remain highly involved in his treatment plan, through personal visits or via video when necessary. We are proud of our Aftercare program that supports both you and your teen after his return home to ensure that he is able to successfully transition back into daily life.
  • Safety and Experience – Utah is currently the most popular destination among parents of troubled boys because the laws and regulations governing teen help programs are the strictest and most comprehensive in the country. We maintain the highest of standards in terms of safety, quality and experience.

For information about our program, or a consultation about your son, please contact us at (866) 640-1899.