As an integral part of Sundance Canyon Academy, our music curriculum aims to develop each student’s musicianship, provide hands-on experiences in music performance and theory, and nurture musical artistry through carefully selected materials and sequenced instruction. Students learn through a music education approach called Orff Schulwerk. This approach combines singing, movement, poetry, and playing instruments. Improvisation and composition are emphasized as students work on projects which extend and develop their understanding of musical concepts.

Based on the Music Standards from the National Standards for Arts in Education, our curriculum provides students with age-appropriate skills and a conceptual understanding of composing, performing, reading and writing music, music analysis, and links music to history and culture.

Our students can sign up for beginning or advanced band, and stay involved through graduation, skillfully honing their talents under the direction of professional musician-teachers Christian and Ian Hooper.

SCA musicians have the opportunity to perform during multiple concerts and at various school functions. Upon hearing one of our band performances you may think you’ve enjoyed a concert of professional musicians well beyond their teenage years.

The SCA music program was designed to help students, no matter their level of technique or years of experience, develop a better understanding of music through both performance and study of music styles and musicians. During practice, band members are provided the opportunity to improve their skills in reading and interpreting music notation, improvisation, and articulation of musical notes and phrases.  Best of all, our students have the opportunity to develop their talents and expand their creativity.

For those about to ROCK, we SALUTE you!