Military Schools in West Virginia

If your troubled son has not responded to any of your attempts to help him turn his life around, it may be best to get outside intervention. Although most parents begin the research process by looking at military schools in West Virginia, there are many other options that may actually be more effective. Many teens actually show greater improvement when they are placed in facilities further from home. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • A chance for teens to leave behind the burden of old triggers and negative social groups and start over fresh in a new and challenging environment.
  • Parents and their teens can take a break from each other in order to focus on their individual challenges and needs. Each party is guided through the process of gaining the tools they need in order to create a better and healthier relationship.
  • Full time therapy programs offer parents some respite from the constant stress and worry while their son is immersed in surroundings designed to help him repair his relationships and learn to make better choices.

Teens deal with many issues that lead them down a bad road. Among West Virginia teens:

  • 6% of West Virginia teens experiment every month with illicit drugs
  • 28% of West Virginia teens report drinking alcohol within the last month and 14% engage in binge drinking
  • In 2018, 1,572 babies were born to women under the age of 20 in West Virginia, which ranks 8th in the country for teen pregnancy.
  • 11.9% of West Virginia children are diagnosed with ADHD each year
  • Juvenile arrests in West Virginia for 2018 include 39 arrests for aggravated assault, 6 arrests for robbery, 151 arrests for larceny, 112 arrests for drug abuse and 13 arrests for weapons violations.
  • West Virginia has an 89.4% high school graduation rate.

Sundance Canyon Academy has helped more troubled boys than a military school in West Virginia for many years. Our unique program is ideal for boys suffering from behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, defiance, substance abuse and mental disorders. We offer a curriculum that has many advantages, including:

  • A relationship based approach to therapy which employs a variety of modalities like Individual, Group and Family therapies as well as Recreational and Music. This method helps boys determine what the roots of their issues are and encourages them to focus on healing from the inside out. Most programs only include behavior modification techniques, which only targets the symptoms.
  • We offer an accredited academic program with instructors and tutors that are fully licensed and qualified. They help each student progress in his education at his own pace. .
  • We keep our resident limit small in order to keep a low student to counselor ratio. We have found that regular one-on-one interaction is important for an effective healing process.
  • Our Aftercare program offers advice and support to both students and their parents during the transition home. Re-entry into regular life can be difficult and we have found that this extra care helps our students maintain their hard work and adapt better.
  • We are located in northern Utah. This state has the most teen help facilities in the country because the laws and regulations are so inclusive. There is a high demand from parents throughout the nation to take advantage of the high standards for health, safety and accreditation in the facilities here.

We understand that you have been on a painful and frustrating road while dealing with your teen and we are anxious to help you find the best solution for your family. Although the location of a military school in West Virginia seems like an ideal option, we want you to remember that the most important factor is making sure that the program you choose is the best fit for your teen boy.

Please contact us at 866-678-2425 for any questions about our program. We have helped hundreds of families in West Virginia and we look forward to helping you as well.