Military Schools in Washington

Raising a teen with behavioral issues can be emotionally draining, especially when he doesn’t seem to be responding to any of your efforts to help him. If you are experiencing this, it may be time to consider more intensive help, such as a full time therapeutic facility. While your first choice might be military schools in Washington, there are a variety of options throughout the country that may be more effective. Placing your teen in a program a little further from home has many advantages, including:

  • The chance to focus on their challenges in an environment that is unique and free of old triggers and temptations. Each boy is able to start over with a clean slate among peers with similar issues.
  • Parents and their teens are able to get some healthy distance while they work on individual concerns. Time apart can be a good way to re-set the family relationship, but it is nearly impossible to do while living in the same home.
  • Full time residential programs offer some much needed respite for parents. Qualified counselors and therapists take some of the burden off their shoulders by immersing their son in an environment designed to help him turn his life around and make better choices.

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in northern Utah, has been a more effective destination for troubled teens than military schools in Washington for many years. Our unique facility is ideal for teen boys struggling with severe behavioral issues. The benefits of our program include:

  1. A specially designed holistic therapy curriculum that is relationship based rather than relying on behavior modification techniques. Our method helps teens identify the core of their issues and focus on fixing it rather than simply eliminating the symptoms. This approach to healing from the inside out promotes more long-term results than any other kind.
  2. We are located in Utah, which is the most popular state for teen help programs. The laws and regulations governing facilities such as ours are strict and comprehensive. We constantly strive to exceed our already stringent requirements for health, safety and accreditation.
  3. Our program includes a variety of therapy modalities such as Individual, Group and Family therapies as well as Recreation and Music. In addition, we offer each student Life Skills opportunities in order to help them round out their experience and become better equipped to be caring and contributing individuals.
  4. Our fully accredited academic program helps each student work at his own pace with the guidance of experienced and licensed tutors and instructors.
  5. We provide an Aftercare program that helps our students and their parents as they make the transition home. We have found that this valuable support helps each teen maintain all the hard work he did here and avoid backsliding.

We understand that placing your troubled boy in a military school in Washington will keep him closer to home, but we encourage you to remember that location is less important than making sure you have selected the safest and most experienced option. We are anxious to help you find a solution that you are confident with. Contact us today at 866-678-2425 for a consultation.