Military Schools in Virginia for Troubled Teenage Boys

Parenting a troubled teen is extremely difficult, and it is even more so when nothing you do seems to help him improve. In such cases, full time therapeutic intervention may be the healthiest thing you can do for your troubled son. While there are a vast amount of care options available throughout the country, you may feel as though it would be best to research military schools in Virginia. However, there are many factors to suggest that an out of state option may ultimately be more beneficial. In fact, many teens show greater improvement when they are able to take advantage of an entirely new environment. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • The opportunity for troubled teens to immerse themselves in challenging situations among like-minded peers. Each boy is able to wipe the slate clean and begin again without the distraction of old associations and negative triggers.
  • Families are able to take a supervised break from each other and the emotional battleground of the home. Each party can use the time apart to address personal issues and gain the skills they need for better communication and an improved relationship.
  • Full time programs allow parents to get some relief from the stress of raising a troubled teen. While they get some respite, their son is safe and secure in an environment dedicated to helping him discover his potential.

These just a few of the reasons Sundance Canyon Academy has been a better choice among parents of struggling teens than a military school in Virginia. We are located in northern Utah and we are devoted to helping teen boys with behavior issues such as defiance, violence, depression, substance abuse and mental disorders. Our unique program, which employs relationship based therapy rather than behavior modification techniques, encourages students to identify their core challenges in order to heal from the inside out. When combined with our excellent academic program and variety of recreation and life skills opportunities, troubled boys are able to get an individualized plan of care and have the greatest chance for success. Boys who attend our program are successfully able to identify their strengths, while learning how to effectively manage their weaknesses and gain the tools they need for life long success.

We understand that this process is painful and intimidating and it is easy to second guess the decisions you have made. We want you to know that we share the same goal as you; to get your son the treatment he needs in order to turn his life around and become a competent and caring young man. Utah facilities are popular among parents throughout the country because the state has the strictest laws in the country governing teen help programs. We encourage you to consider that while keeping your son close to home might seem ideal, it is ultimately less important than matching him with a program that is a good fit and gives you peace of mind.

For questions about our program or enrollment, please contact us at 866-678-2425. We have helped hundreds of families searching for military schools in Virginia find the healthiest option. We look forward to helping you as well, no matter where you call home.