Military Schools in Texas for Troubled Teenage Boys

If you have made the difficult and emotional decision to place your troubled teen in a full time facility, your next step is to choose one that will be a good fit for him. While many parents assume that they must select a military school in Texas, there are actually many reasons to also consider out of state options. Some teens actually do better when they are removed from their familiar environment. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • A chance for troubled teens to isolate themselves in supportive surroundings without the distractions of previous associations and negative triggers. Each boy can begin the process of reinventing himself with a clean slate and professional guidance.
  • Teens and their parents are able to take a supervised break from the daily fights and negative interaction that generally becomes the cycle with defiant teens. Each party is coached and guided by experienced therapists and counselors to focus on the skills they need to gain for a better relationship and long term success.  
  • Full time programs give parents a chance for some emotional and physical respite. While they recover, their son is secure and monitored in an environment dedicated to helping him overcome his challenges and find a better path.

Sundance Canyon Academy, located in Utah, has been popular among parents originally looking for military schools in Texas for many reasons. Not only is Utah the safest and most regulated state for teen help programs in the country, it is also an ideal location for the outdoor/recreational therapy that is essential to a balanced curriculum. Our program is particularly unique because we encourage troubled teens to identify their core issues through relationship based therapy, rather than just treating the symptoms as many other behavior modification based programs do. We also offer an accredited academic program as well as a variety of life skills options in order to help each student find overall balance and individualize his plan of care. Boys that attend our program learn to identify their strengths, effectively manage their weaknesses and ultimately return home happier and healthier individuals.

We know that this has been an emotional and frustrating road for you so far and that your main goal is to find a solution that will help your son turn his life around for good. We are here to help you navigate this process and support you as well as your troubled boy. We would urge you to remember that although a military school in Texas seems ideal, the location of the programs you are considering are less important than finding a good fit, so that the time apart is effective

Please contact us 866.678.2425 with any questions you have regarding our facility or enrollment requirements. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of families from Texas heal and maintain their positive changes. We look forward to helping you today.