Military Schools In South Dakota

Many people mistakenly think that military schools in South Dakota are meant for troubled teenagers. But, military schools generally won’t focused on healing kids. Instead, they try to force teens to behave better. Parents who really love their kids wouldn’t want their child’s mental health issues to be treated with a “bandage” when a real “cure” is available. Therapeutic centers and schools provide successful alternatives to military schools.

Learn more about Sundance Canyon Academy by calling 1-866-678-2425. See how we turn South Dakota teen boys with struggles of all kinds into well-adjusted young men.

Consider Sundance Canyon Academy

SCA is not a military school, and that’s good because the types of schools that provide lasting results in teen behavior focus on academics, therapy and rehabilitation. Military schools tend to focus on simply changing bad behavior, not making any inner adjustments for the motivation behind that bad behavior. South Dakota parents are generally very pleased at how teens are responding when it comes to putting their troubled past behind them and making great strides toward a successful future.

The reason the Academy makes headlines as a quality lace for troubled South Dakota teens is because it is located in a state with lots of rules and regulations on how to manage teen help programs. The Academy has to meet and exceed these standards so it can continue to operate, and it does so every year. This makes South Dakota parents quite happy to know that their teenage son is being cared for in a top quality boarding school.

Military Schools in South Dakota Fall Short of Residential Therapy Schools

It’s easy to compare the differences between military schools and therapeutic treatment centers. One of the biggest differences is that the residential schools are structured to treat teens that have mental illnesses and emotional issues. Military schools attempt to correct bad behavior. Boarding schools employ licensed therapists while military schools have no real credentials for staff members.

Here are some other differences between therapeutic resident schools and military schools in South Dakota:

  • Boarding schools employ certified teachers with experience in helping troubled teens.
  • Academic accreditation is a high priority for therapeutic boarding programs.
  • Licensed therapists that specialize in teens hold group meetings and one-on-one therapy sessions to get to the heart of each teen’s issues.
  • Recreational therapists blend work and play with therapy to give teens yet another way to heal from their personal challenges.
  • Programs focus on leadership, teamwork and training for independence through a range of activities and classes.
  • Relationship repair with family and friends is emphasized so teens can transition back home or to live on their own once they leave the school.

Military schools are extremely good at doing one thing—getting teens to stop doing certain behaviors for a short time. If South Dakota parents seek to provide professional help for their teen’s deep-rooted issues and help put him on the right path for life, they should choose a therapeutic boarding school instead.

South Dakota Numbers for Troubled Teen Behaviors

All too often, South Dakota parents may see or hear about teenagers breaking the law, abusing drugs and alcohol and generally engaging in bad or risky behavior. Before their teenage son becomes one of those statistics, they should intervene and get him the help he needs.

These are some numbers from teens in South Dakota who desperately need help:

  • 30%: Percentage of teen boys in SD who have had alcohol within 30 days
  • 18%: Percentage of teen South Dakota boys who binge drink
  • 31%: Percentage of South Dakota boys that have tried marijuana
  • 82%: Percentage of teenage boys and girls in South Dakota who graduate from high school
  • 17th: National ranking of suicides in South Dakota

When teens are scared and hurt, they do whatever they can to get away from their problems, including substance abuse and self-harm. Parents in South Dakota need to do something significant now and find a residential treatment center that their sons can attend. Avoiding military schools in South Dakota is a good idea, especially when there are so many other proven options.

Choosing Sundance Canyon Academy Above Military Schools in South Dakota

When teens need extreme help for behavior that is dangerous to themselves or others, parents simply cannot sit back and wait for them to grow out of it. Military schools in South Dakota are not the answer, but places like the Academy have already helped hundreds of teens and families from across the country. No matter what conditions a teen has been diagnosed with or what struggles they face, the caring staff at SCA will welcome them with open arms.

For more information on Sundance Canyon Academy, parents in South Dakota should call 1-866-678-2425.

Sundance Canyon Academy Welcomes Teen Boys From All South Dakota Cities:

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