Military Schools in South Carolina for Troubled Teenage Boys

It can be physically and emotionally exhausting to raise a teen with severe behavioral issues, and discouraging when nothing you do seems to help him. Full time therapeutic facilities are an ideal option for teens that need care and monitoring around the clock as well as an immersive environment in which to focus on making changes. While many parents begin the search process by looking at military schools in South Carolina, we encourage you to also consider the many benefits that facilities out of state can provide. Some of these include:

  • A challenging atmosphere where teens are constantly coached and guided by professionals without the distraction of their previous life. Each boy is free of the old habits and triggers that had been governing his actions and can begin again with a clean slate.
  • Struggling families can get some healthy, supervised distance from each other and the cycle of discipline and power struggles. During their time apart, each side can focus on the changes they need to make for better communication and lay the base for a more effective relationship.
  • Full time programs offer a time of respite for parents exhausted by the toll of trying to help a resistant troubled teen. While they emotionally regroup, their son is safe and secure among professionals dedicated to his success.

Sundance Canyon Academy is located in northern Utah and is dedicated to helping troubled teens overcome their challenges. Our facility has been a popular destination for troubled teens originally bound for military schools in South Carolina for many reasons. Not only are we ideally located for the outdoor recreation and adventure therapy that is an important part of a healthy curriculum, but Utah also has the strictest laws and regulations in the country for governing teen help programs. Our program is unique in its inclusion of relationship based therapy rather than behavior modification techniques. This approach allows troubled teens to identify and isolate their core issues in order to focus on them rather than simply learning to mask the symptoms. Boys who complete our program consistently make long term changes that positively affect their lives for years to come.    

We understand that this situation is emotional and difficult for you and we are anxious to help you get through it. We encourage you to remember that although it would seem ideal to keep your son nearby, it is ultimately less important than placing him in a program that will be a good fit and give him his best chance for success.

Please contact us today 866.678.2425 for questions about our facility or a consultation on the ways your son can benefit more from our program than a military school in South Carolina. We have helped hundreds of families and we are confident that we can help you too.