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Behavioral issues in your teen can affect the whole family. If you are discouraged that nothing you do seems to change your son, we can help. We are Sundance Canyon Academy, a residential treatment center specifically for teens that need therapy to overcome defiance, substance abuse or other behavioral issues. Our program is an ideal alternative to boot camps or military schools that do nothing more than encourage students to change their behavior without taking care of the source. Such solutions are short term at best. Your teen needs a supportive and therapeutic approach in order to identify and manage his issues from the inside out. Only then will he be able to move on into a healthy future with the tools he needs to self-regulate and manage daily challenges.

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What Makes Sundance Canyon Academy Different?

We have years of experience with troubled teen boys and we have designed a curriculum that is specialized for the way that adolescents learn. It is our goal for each student to become the master of his own recovery and our program reflects a holistic approach that has been successful for hundreds of troubled teens. Among the advantages of our facility are:

  • Individualized treatment plans for each student.
  • Multiple therapy modalities, including experiential options like cooking, recreation, music and art in addition to traditional talk therapy. Each boy can explore his strengths and develop new confidence.
  • We encourage parents to be as involved as possible and we strive to educate the entire family on better communication skills.
  • Your teen can continue his educational trajectory through our academic curriculum. He will be guided and tutored at a pace that works for him and every credit he earns is transferrable.
  • Leadership opportunities for each student. We encourage a peer positive culture and teamwork is incorporated into our everyday schedule.
  • Because we believe that balance is important, we participate in regular service activities within the community as well as regular life skills training.
  • We provide Aftercare support for families as they adjust to life after their son returns home. In addition to being resource for parents, we also help our students learn how to use their new skills in their daily social and home life.

Issues Facing Teens In Rhode Island

These days, it is harder than ever to be a teen and get through adolescence without falling prey to the number of potentially life changing temptations. Curiosity, defiance and peer pressure can place teens in situations they may ultimately be unable to extract themselves from without professional help.

For Rhode Island teens:

  • 1790 teens were arrested in 2008 for property damage, violence or substance abuse.
  • 20% of teens drink alcohol and 11% are binge drinking.
  • 21st in the country for juvenile suicide
  • 30% teen pregnancy rate
  • Each year, 11% of children are diagnosed with ADHD.
  • 77% of teens get their high school diploma.

We know that making the choice to send your child away for intervention can feel intimidating and discouraging, but you should understand that it may also be one of the best things you can do to encourage him to turn his life around. While some teens are able to respond to disciplinary measures from their parents, others need to be removed from the triggers of their regular life in order to focus on positive changes. At Sundance Canyon Academy we offer an environment that is both structured and supportive. We are dedicated to helping each of our students discover the best parts of themselves and direct that knowledge into becoming more confident and mature individuals. Our aim is to help your son gain the skills he needs to improve both now and throughout adulthood.

Why A Military Schools In Rhode Island Might Not Be The Best Troubled Boys School For Your Teen

You may think that looking at programs within Rhode Island is the best place to start, but there are a few reasons why you should consider those a little further afield. For instance, teen psychologists suggest that a complete change of surroundings can help troubled boys reinvent themselves more easily. Additionally, not every state is created equal in terms of safety and accreditation. Utah is the most popular state for teen help programs and as such, we are subject to the most inclusive laws and regulations in the country.

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We Help Teens Throughout Rhode Island, Including The Cities:

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