Military Schools In North Dakota

What parents would send their troubled teenage sons to military schools in North Dakota? The kid of parents who haven’t researched what other kinds of teen help programs exist out there in the world, inside the state and outside it as well. Military schools, a typical solution for rowdy teen boys in the olden days, are no longer the best answer for struggling teenagers. Other programs like residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are much better at rehabilitating teens today.

Sundance Canyon Academy is the best place to go for serious academic and therapeutic help. Interested parents must call 1-866-678-2425.

What’s So Great About Sundance Canyon Academy?

The best thing about SCA is its focus on teens and how to really help them. Typical military schools and programs use harsh punishments, strict rules and tough talk to force teens to conform. A therapeutic center works on getting kids to change from the inside out, and helps them deal with emotional and mental health issues over the long term. North Dakota teens with problems in traditional schools and weekly therapy sessions often need a change of scenery and a more structured setting where they can heal.

Sundance is also located in one of the states in the West that takes regulating the teen help industry very seriously. This means that all the programs are carefully checked to ensure compliance and proper operation. Parents will definitely be able to rest easy knowing their teen sons are in a fine care center. Sundance Canyon Academy may be the answer to a frustrated parent’s deepest wishes, and a real lifeline for troubled teens in North Dakota.

Residential Treatment Centers Are an Improvement Over Military Schools in North Dakota

For parents in North Dakota who don’t know much about teen help programs, it may be tempting to rush out and book a place in the nearest military school, boot camp or wilderness camp without knowing much about the treatment program. On the other hand, research into different kinds of programs quickly shows that experts and former families and students definitely vouch for residential treatment programs and therapy boarding schools.

These are the top 5 reasons why parents should pick a boarding school and not a military school.

  1. Education is a priority and many boarding schools are affiliated with an accreditation program.
  2. Qualified and certified staff members like teachers and therapists really do care for the kids and work with them to uncover their abilities.
  3. Group living situations so teenage boys can learn all kinds of important skills like budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and more.
  4. Recreational therapy, which comes in many forms, gives kids self-confidence and a real opportunity to have fun, make friends, and develop their own strengths.
  5. Extracurricular activities like art, sports, wilderness survival, music and more help kids become well-rounded, develop talents and teamwork.

The top residential boarding schools with academic and therapeutic emphasis are definitely going to be doing the best job of helping out teenagers from North Dakota and across the country that need a safe, structured and progressive program. Military schools in North Dakota simply don’t have adequate programs to truly help teens with mental illness, emotional distress and bad behavior habits to fully recover.

Check Out North Dakota Statistics on Troubled Teens

Teenagers cannot manage their mental health issues on their own, and generally only get better with some kind of regular therapy. When teenagers don’t receive qualified help, they may turn to other ways to deal with their pain. From abusing drugs and alcohol to harming themselves or others, troubled North Dakota teens can affect their future by making bad choices in the present.

Just look at some of the things that North Dakota troubled teenagers are doing, by the numbers:

  • 26% of ND teen boys say they’ve had alcohol within the last month
  • 14% of the same boys say they definitely binge drink
  • 7% of North Dakota teenage boys and girls use inhalants to get high
  • Only 86% of high-schoolers in North Dakota graduate from high school.
  • North Dakota is ranked 12th in the United States when it comes to suicide.

It’s painful for North Dakota parents to admit to themselves that their teenager has a problem, and if ignored for too long, it can take a real toll on a child’s emotional, mental and physical health. When teenagers engage in risky behavior, it is a clear signal that they need something more than parents can provide. Instead of military schools in North Dakota, parents should consider a place like Sundance Canyon Academy.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy Tops Military Schools in North Dakota

There are so many reasons why parents should look at SCA as the solution to their teen’s problems. Unlike military schools in North Dakota, residential therapy schools may be the only thing standing between a troubled teenager and his potential as an adult. As long as the Academy is accepting teens from North Dakota, there will be a place for these boys in the program. Parents are amazed at the changes that take place when boys are guided and supported to become the young men they know they can be.

All parents with questions about Sundance Canyon Academy should call 1-866-678-2425.

Teens in These North Dakota Cities Should Attend Sundance:

Bismark, Fargo, Minot, West Fargo, Grand forks, Williston, Dickinson, Mandan, Jamestown, Wahpeton, Devils Lake, Valley City and more.