Military Schools in Nevada

If your troubled son does not seem to be responding to any of your efforts to help him change his life then you have probably been looking into outside intervention. If you don’t know where else to turn, we have a solution for you. Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time facility designed to help struggling boys from Nevada and all over the United States learn how to develop and implement healthier coping methods for their behavioral issues and daily challenges. By providing a unique and proven therapeutic approach, boys are encouraged to become the agents of their own change and acquire the tools they need in order to be emotionally successful, now and in the future.

Although many parents look to military schools in Nevada in order to place their teen in a consistent environment that emphasizes obedience and respect, there may be a healthier option for his recovery. For instance:

  • Military schools are not intended to help teens overcome their behavioral deficits. Instead, they are designed as an option for youth that would like a head start on a military career. While they might teach your son how to act properly, they do nothing to help him explore or fix the reasons he is acting out in the first place.
  • Boot camps for teens were once the most popular options for Nevada teens because they were thought to “scare kids straight”. Through strenuous exercise, comfort deprivation and intimidation, participants were supposed to be able to alter their mindset and develop obedience. It turns out that the results of such programs are fairly short lived because they also do nothing to get to the core of the real problem.

For questions about our program and how you son can heal more effectively with us than the military schools in Nevada, please contact us today at 866-678-2425.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

We have many years of experience in treating teens for behavioral issues and we have developed a program that combines support and consistency with giving each teen the opportunity to become the agent of his own change. Aspects that make our facility ideal are:

  • A holistic relationship based program that encourages troubled boys to determine what their root issue is and helps them address it. Most programs employ behavior modification techniques which only focus on the symptoms of the deeper problem.
  • Utah is the best state for teen help programs because the laws and regulations governing them are the best and strictest in the country. We strive to exceed the already high standards for health, safety and accreditation.
  • We offer a fully accredited academic program with qualified tutors and instructors dedicated to helping each boy move forward at a pace that works for him.
  • Our curriculum includes a variety of therapy modalities including Individual, Family and Group therapies as well as Recreational and Music options. We have also incorporated Life Skills opportunities in order to give our students the most comprehensive experience possible.
  • We also offer an Aftercare program that supports the entire family during the transition home. Because re-entry into day to day life can be tricky and have high potential for backsliding, we have found that this care helps our students maintain their hard work and promotes long-term results.

Common Issues That Teens In Nevada Face

Teens must deal with a variety of issues in order to successfully navigate adolescent years without making the kinds of mistakes that yield permanent consequences. If your son is dealing with something like crime, depression, sexual promiscuity or substance abuse the statistics for teens in Nevada suggest that he is not alone. For instance:

  • Substance abuse: 26% of Nevada teens admit to alcohol abuse and 11% admit to binge drinking. 37% have tried marijuana at least once, and 4-5% admit to misusing painkillers and trying cocaine.
  • Suicide: Nevada ranks 10th among the nation for suicide, and is the leading cause of death for Nevadans ages 12-19.
  • ADD/ADHD: Approximately 4.2% of Nevada’s children are diagnosed annually with ADHD.
  • Juvenile crime: A 2017 Department of Justice report stated that there were 199 juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, 116 for robbery, 421 for larceny, 269 for drug offences and 62 for weapons violations.
  • Teen pregnancy: Nevada ranks 14th in the nation for teen pregnancy rates with 2,094 births to women between 15 and 19 in 2016.
  • High school graduation: Currently, Nevada has a 71% graduation rate.

Full time programs like ours at Sundance Canyon Academy are an ideal option because they remove teens from the triggers and temptations they deal with in their normal environment. Without these distractions, they are more likely to be receptive to making changes and receiving guidance. Although you would rather deal with your son’s issues without sending him away, placing him in a program that is truly effective can be one of the best things you can do to help him. Putting your boy in our hands is the first step toward getting him back on the right track.

An Out Of State Option May Help Your Teen More Than A Military School In Nevada

We know that this experience has been frustrating, painful and sometimes even isolating. We want to assist you in selecting the option that will help your son and give you peace of mind. While it is understandable that you might prefer a military school in Nevada in order to keep him near you, we encourage you to consider all of your options, regardless of location. Your son’s greatest chance for a successful experience depends on finding a facility that is a good match for his needs.

For questions about our program and enrollment, please contact us at 866-678-2425. We have helped hundreds of families in Nevada and throughout the country and we look forward to helping you as well.