Military Schools In Montana

Are you afraid of your teen boy and how he is jeopardizing his future? Montana parents of troubled teens often seek out advice from others on what to do with wayward children. Often, the responses are to send the boy to military schools in Montana. However, military schools are not the right place for teens who aren’t doing well in traditional schools and who need residential therapy.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a top therapeutic treatment school that helps teen boys master their emotional and behavioral struggles. For more information, please contact 1-866-678-2425.

Why Select Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy is the top program in the better alternative to military schools in Montana. First of all, SCA is located in a state with notoriously strict standards on how therapy residential programs for teens can operate. Some states don’t do much, while others are very diligent. Montana parents like you will feel better knowing that their son is getting residential therapy at a place that meets some of the toughest laws in the United States.

Another reason you should pick Sundance Canyon Academy is because we have a long track record of success in turning boys from troublemakers to successful young men. Our staff, our academic focus, and our therapy programs all combine to create a healthy atmosphere for troubled boys to learn, grow and overcome their problems.

Why Military Schools in Montana Don’t Help Troubled Teenagers

True military schools are designed to prepare teens for a career in the armed forces and emphasize high academics and training. Pseudo military schools are for troubled teens, but they are focused on strict structure, high punishments and lots of physical activity in hopes of scaring the boys into behaving better. Neither of these options are going to produce long-term results in improving behavior and healing mental health issues.

Instead of military schools in Montana, parents should consider therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers for their sons. From trauma and anxiety to depression and substance abuse, a real therapy program will do more for a teen than getting yelled at or deprived of a compassionate and nurturing environment. Residential therapy programs build up teens to become the person they want to be, instead of tearing them down.

Here are 5 drawbacks of military schools in Montana that parents should be aware of.

  • Military schools don’t have licensed and trained therapists.
  • Military schools have more focus on ending teenage bad behavior rather than diagnosing and treating mental illness and trauma.
  • Military schools are not likely to have an extensive recreational therapy program, like outdoor adventures or equine therapy.
  • Military schools either don’t have an academic focus or they have hired non-certified teachers to just cover the basics.
  • Military schools usually fail to invest in the teen’s long-term goals and ignore transitions back to the real world.

True military schools in Montana are no place for troubled teens, and boot camps that do work with teens like that are generally not as good as a residential treatment center or a therapeutic boarding school would be. Montana parents that really want to get to a place where their teen is treated like a genuine person with problems to resolve should check out residential therapy programs.

Troubled Montana Teens and Behavior Statistics

Teenagers tend to act out when they want to rebel, or mask pain and fear. When teenagers engage in problematic behavior, they can really get into some trouble, and cause harm to themselves and to others. Parents in Montana need to watch their teens closely for signs of troublesome and risky behavior. These statistics are all too common among Montana teenagers:

  • 19% of Montana teenagers have their first drink before the age of 13.
  • 18% of teenage boys and girls in Montana report binge drinking.
  • Shockingly, 4 percent of Montana teens report using cocaine.
  • Only 86 percent of teens in the state graduate.
  • Montana has the highest rate of suicide in the entire country.

Parents can’t wait another minute to take action and intervene in their troubled teenager’s life. It’s really a problem when teens struggle and don’t get therapy they need. Military schools in Montana are simply not the answer to turning a kid’s life around. Sundance Canyon Academy is the right place for teenage boys to get structured yet supportive care.

Parents Should Choose Sundance Canyon Academy Over All Military Schools in Montana

Military schools in Montana simply cannot compete with all the programs and amenities that SCA has. From start to finish, the Academy is there for both parents and teens, and they know just what to do to encourage boys to locate their inner strength and to use it to improve themselves. It’s hard to take that first step, but parents in Montana who have enrolled their sons in residential therapy schools have not regretted it.

Get more details on the programs offered at Sundance Canyon Academy when you call 1-866-678-2425.

Sundance Canyon Academy Assists Teenage Boys From These Montana Cities:

Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, Billings, Helena, Kalispell, Anaconda, Miles City, Belgrade, Livingston, Havre, Whitefish, Laurel, Sidney, Lewistown, Columbia Falls, Polson and Whitefish.