Military Schools in Las Vegas

If you have decided that a full time facility is the next step for your troubled teen, you want to make sure that you choose one that is going to be a good match for his needs. While military schools in Las Vegas are likely to be at the top of your list, they may not actually be the best solution. There are many programs throughout the country that cater more directly to troubled teens and the challenges they face.

Teens in Las Vegas face many of the following issues every day:

  • 5 percent of Las Vegas teens experiment with illicit drugs.
  • 26 percent report abusing alcohol and 11 percent binge drink.
  • Las Vegas is 6th in the nation for teen suicide.
  • Las Vegas is 14th in the nation for teen pregnancy.
  • 5.6 percent of Las Vegas children are diagnosed with ADHD each year.
  • A 2018 report from The U.S. Department of Justice showed that in Nevada, there were 305 juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, 98 arrests for robbery and 402 arrests for drug abuse.
  • 71% high school graduation rate.

Teens attending programs in outside environments actually thrive for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The chance to start over in a therapeutic environment designed to help them overcome their issues and make positive changes without the distractions and temptations they associate with home.
  • Families can get a break from each other and the constant cycle of defiance and discipline. Distance is a helpful way to re-establish the foundation for a new relationship as long as it is supervised. This effective method is not possible to implement when both parties are interacting every day in the same household.
  • Full time residential programs offer respite for emotionally exhausted parents. While they recover and regroup from the stress of dealing with a troubled teen, their son is supported in a safe environment with professionals that are trained to help him gain the tools he needs to make better choices.

There are just a few of the reasons why Sundance Canyon Academy has been more successful for troubled teen boys than the military schools in Las Vegas. We have designed a program that offers a unique combination of advantages that are ideal for any boy suffering from behavioral issues. Some of these are:

  1. Our holistic, relationship based therapy program implements a variety of therapy modalities and helps boys identify the core of their main issues in order to work on them. Most programs involve behavior modification techniques, which only target the symptoms of the issue.
  2. We are located in Utah, which is the best destination for troubled teens. The laws and regulations governing teen help programs are the strictest and most comprehensive in the country. Parents everywhere are eager to place their sons in the most experienced and safe facilities in the nation.
  3. We provide highly qualified instructors and tutors for our fully accredited academic program. No matter where your son is in his schooling, he will be guided forward by experts that allow him to move at his own pace.
  4. We keep our resident numbers low in order to maintain a ratio of one counselor to every four students. We have found that the increased one-on-one time with counselors and therapists helps our students identify their needs and move through the program at a faster pace.
  5. We offer an Aftercare program that supports parents and their teens through the transition home. This extra care helps students maintain the skills they have learned as well as promote greater long term success.

We know that this process is stressful and intimidating and it is important to us that you are comfortable with your selection. While we understand that you may want to keep your son close in a military school in Las Vegas, we want to encourage you to make sure that you have explored all of your options, regardless of location. The most important factors are safety and finding the best fit for your son.

We are happy to answer any questions about our program, or discuss your son’s specific needs. Please contact us at 866.678.2425 and we are confident that we can help you find the best solution for your family.