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Military Schools In Kansas

When teenage boys struggle with certain mental health issues like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar, abuse trauma, post-traumatic stress, low self-esteem and any number of conditions, it can really cause problems in their lives. Many parents believe that the best remedy for their teenager’s issues is to send them off to military schools in Kansas. However, there are better options available to parents and teens—therapeutic boarding schools.

Therapeutic boarding schools are extremely effective at helping troubled teenage boys who cannot find success in traditional schools and who are experiencing problems at home as well. These long-term facilities provide the stability and balance teens need to work on their problems and the professional staff and faculty that are trained to help adolescents regain control of their lives. Sundance Canyon Academy is the right place to turn, instead of military schools in Kansas.

For more information about Sundance Canyon Academy and how our therapeutic boarding school can help your teen, please phone our representatives at 1-866-678-2425.

Should Parents Pick Sundance Canyon Academy?

Military schools in Kansas have a reputation of being really tough on teens, blending physical activities with rigid schedule and tough talk. However, real military schools are academic institutions that help teenagers who are interested in Kansas military careers get the training and preparation they need. These military schools are not designed for troubled teens at all.

Other types of Kansas military schools and boot camps are teen help facilities that use a pseudo-military approach to get tough on problem kids and “scare them straight.” These programs generally depend on modifying the teen’s behavior via punishments and withholding privileges, as well as extreme physical activity and sparse conditions. None of these programs are right for teens that have emotional, mental health or behavioral problems.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a stable and safe place where Kansas teens can leave their home and schools behind and start anew. They get away from big behavioral triggers and live, work and play in a fine therapeutic environment. Teen boys receive academic help, regular therapy and close mentoring that can really make a difference in their lives.

Benefits of Boarding School Over Military Schools in Kansas

Therapeutic boarding schools offer unique benefits for troubled teenagers and their families. While military schools in Kansas may seem like the best alternative, in reality there is no comparison. Here are just a few reasons why boarding schools are the right choice for troubled teenage boys:

  1. Boarding schools combine academics, therapy, life skills, and outdoor recreation to promote health and wellness both inside and out.

  2. Top staff members include licensed therapists, certified teachers, caring mentors and well-trained administrators.

  3. All staff are dedicated to working with teenagers who struggle with behavioral, emotional and mental health issues.

  4. The distance from home gives teens a chance to get away from bad friends and negative influences.

  5. Academic options include credit repair and earning credits toward a high school diploma.

  6. Group and individual therapy gives teens a chance to investigate their own issues and work to overcome them.

Therapeutic boarding schools such as Sundance Canyon Academy in Utah provides a distinct path toward progress. Students who have attended these types of therapeutic schools have usually emerged as healthier and happier teens. Parents with doubts should definitely do some research about why therapeutic boarding schools are a better choice than military schools in Kansas.

Top Problems For Teens in Kansas

When teens are dealing with hurt, fear, frustration and pain, they often engage in risky behavior. The behavior provides an escape for them, and acts as a way to distract them from their problems. However, when allowed to continue, the risky behavior can lead the teenager to a really bad place, especially with the local law enforcement. Parents really need to look at the statistics for Kansas teens to get a glimpse of what troubled teens are capable of.

Here are some troubling numbers for Kansas teens:

  1. 30% of teenagers in the state regularly drink alcohol.

  2. 15% of teenagers in Kansas admit to binge drinking.

  3. 26% of teen boys and girls in the state have smoked marijuana at least once.

  4. Kansas ranks 15th in the country for teen suicide.

  5. Kansas ranks 22nd in the country for teen pregnancy.

  6. Just 86% of teenagers in the state of Kansas graduate from secondary schools.

When parents are ready to do what it takes to get help for their teenage sons, it can be one of the hardest things. However, the results of enrolling a troubled teen in a program like Sundance Canyon Academy far outweigh the initial frustration and fear. Kansas teens learn what it takes to become a successful adult and will learn to form healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Choosing Sundance Canyon Academy In Place Of Military Schools in Kansas

Even though Sundance Canyon Academy has the best therapeutic, academic and recreation credentials around, there is still one more reason why parents should consider sending their child to live for the long-term. That’s because of the school’s location—Utah. So what’s so special about Utah? Well, each state passes laws that regulate the teen help industry. Some laws are lax, while others are strict. Utah has some pretty strict laws, so any school that operates here must meet the state’s high standards. In other words, succeeding in Utah is a fine recommendation on its own.

Sundance Canyon Academy staff members really believe in giving every boy a second chance at life. There are no reasons to give up on a Kansas teenager, even one that seems beyond helping. At Sundance Canyon Academy, we will work overtime to make sure that each boy gets proper help and has every opportunity to become his absolute best. No Kansas military school can come close to giving teens what we can.

Please contact our representatives by calling 1-866-678-2425 and see why Sundance Canyon Academy may be just the right program for your teenage son.

Sundance Canyon Academy Aids Boys From Many Kansas Cities, Including:

Wichita, Derby, Overland Park, Leawood , Kansas City, Topeka, Olathe, Newton, Lawrence, Emporia, Shawnee, Salina, Manhattan, Hutchinson, Lenexa, Hays, Leavenworth, Garden City, Dodge City, Prairie Village, Liberal, Pittsburgh Junction City, Great Bend, and McPherson.

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