Military Schools in Illinois for Troubled Teenage Boys

Are you the parent of an Illinois teenage boy who is engaging in serious behaviors that make you worried for his health and safety? Has your teen boy been diagnosed with an emotional, behavioral or mental health condition and you don’t know where to go for professional long-term help? You may feel that military school for troubled teens in Illinois is the answer, but he’d be better off with a residential treatment center.

Troubled teens in Illinois really benefit from therapeutic residential options that are designed for their needs. These specialized programs provide therapeutic care and academic help. Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled boys in Illinois, and we are dedicated to helping families across the country.

If you want to learn more about how to help your teenager who struggles with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues, please call Sundance Canyon Academy at 1-866-678-2425.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

Today’s teens struggle with all kinds of issues, from addictions and aggression to anxiety, depression and more. Military schools created for teens in Illinois who exhibit troublesome behavior usually don’t have a therapeutic option in their program. If you feel that therapy is a key part of getting your teenager back on track, avoid military schools in Illinois. Therapy, academics and recreation should be the focus for troubled teens in Florida, and Sundance Canyon Academy provides all that and more. We are staffed by qualified professionals who have helped hundreds of families over the years.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a great out-of-state option that is actually a real benefit for your son. We’re in a location that adheres to the most strict regulations and laws in the country when it comes to monitoring and licensing programs for helping teens. When your son is attending our facility, you will know that he is in good hands, and is safe and secure at Sundance Canyon Academy. We are a viable solution for parents seeking military schools for troubled teens in Illinois.

Benefits of Other Programs over Military Schools in Illinois

Military schools are designed to prepare teens for a career as a military officer and provide a good education, not work with teens via therapy and more. A true military school is simply not the place for teens with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. Residential treatment centers provide a safe and structured environment where teens receive therapy interventions, academic advantages and recreational activities that are designed to help teens deal with their issues. Residential treatment centers have seen plenty of long-term success where other short-term options, such as boot camps, wilderness camps and more have not.

You should know about these three major benefits of residential treatment centers:

Therapy: Licensed and experienced therapists work with the teen boys to get to the root of the issues, such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, substance abuse, low self-esteem, bipolar, anger issues, and much more. Group and individual sessions are held frequently.

Academics: Most residential treatment centers for troubled boys have an excellent academic component to their program. Teens can get caught up to their grade level and work towards completing high school.

Adventure therapy: Part of being a teen and learning to enjoy life is to have exciting and important activities with peers and trusted adults. Common adventure sports include hiking, fishing, mountain biking, skiing and camping.

When the challenges your teen faces are beyond the ability of parents, teachers and local counselors to help, consider a residential treatment center over a military school in Florida for your troubled teen. Your teen will benefit from the special programs that residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools can offer. there are always counselors who will answer all your questions about why these programs are better than military schools in Illinois. You’ll feel much better knowing that your troubled teen will soon get back on the road to recovery.

Issues Teens Often Struggle With Without Receiving Help From Residential Treatment Centers

Residential treatment centers provide a safe and structured environment where teens get help for emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. However, if teenagers don’t receive such an intervention, they can continue to deal with their pain and frustration in unhealthy ways. Risky behaviors are those that can damage the teens health, wellness or even cause a danger to themselves, family members, and peers. Consider these few examples of Illinois teenagers that need professional help:

  • Alcohol is abused by 9.5% of teens in Illinois
  • 4.5-6.4% of teens in Illinois use marijuana or other illegal drugs
  • Juvenile arrests: In one year, Juvenile arrests totalled 2,916 for property and violent crimes combined
  • Suicide amongst teens in Illinois ranked 45th in the nation
  • 67% of teens in Illinois complete high school

Whether an Illinois teenager’s problems include ADD/ADHD, adoption or abandonment issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or substance abuse, no military school in Illinois will be able to help. To avoid your teenager engaging in risky behavior, consider allowing the professional staff at a residential treatment center like Sundance Canyon Academy provide the best opportunity for them to rehabilitate.

Choose Sundance Canyon Academy Over Military Schools in Illinois for Troubled Teens

Located in beautiful northern Utah, Sundance Canyon Academy is the perfect location for troubled teens to put their lives on a better course. We employ licensed professionals as therapists, mentors, teachers and counselors, and they all have experience in working with troubled teens. We really believe in giving troubled youth an opportunity for significant rehabilitation and firmly believe in second chances.

Remember for long-term success at getting back on track and gaining lasting rehabilitation, it’s best for troubled teen boys and girls to be enrolled in a program far from home. At Sundance Canyon Academy, troubled teens get therapy, help in academics and learn new skills in dealing with life’s challenges and getting control of their issues. Health and happiness are the goal at Sundance Canyon Academy and we’re ready to help teens from Illinois and across the country.

When you are ready to enroll your teen in a residential therapy home or school, contact Sundance Canyon Academy at 1-866-678-2425 and receive a free consultation.