Military Schools In Idaho

Teens with behavioral issues can cause tremendous damage to their emotional development, while also causing upheaval in the family unit. If your at-risk teen is moving beyond your control, you may assume that the next step for him is one of the military schools in Idaho. However, there are alternatives that are more effective. Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment facility that gives troubled teens the help they need to change their behavior and make more positive choices. Through a healthy lifestyle, full time support and a therapeutic environment, we can help your son learn how to cope with his issues, and families improve their communication.

While military schools are often regarded as the epitome of teaching obedience and respect, there are several reasons why they are not necessarily the healthiest option for struggling teens. This is mainly because they do not provide therapeutic intervention on either a group or an individual level. In order to enact real change in your son, he needs to understand and explore the core of his behavioral issues before he can truly manage them. Similarly, boot camp style programs show some success for short term changes, but are generally built upon intimidation and deprivation, which not only doesn’t handle the real problem, but could make it worse.

To talk to us about our program and the ways it could specifically help your son, contact us at 866-678-2425.

Why Is Sundance Canyon Academy Effective?

Years of experience and research have contributed to our unique program that is specifically designed to appeal to the way that teens learn. We combine consistency and support to encourage each of our students to affect their own change and growth. Some of the ways our facility is helpful for teens include:

  • A holistic curriculum that encourages each student to identify the basis of their challenges and progress from there, rather than relying on behavior modification programs that only deal with the resulting symptoms.
  • In addition to the therapy we offer, we also have an academic curriculum that allows teens to continue their education at a pace that is comfortable for them.
  • We offer even more than the traditional group and individual therapy solutions because teens respond very well to hands on experiences. Students in our program participate in music, recreational and art therapy in additional to Life Skills training for an education, therapeutic and comprehensive experience.
  • Our Aftercare program is designed to support both teens and their parents as they work through the transition back into the home. This additional treatment promotes maintenance and long term results.

Issues That Idaho Teens Face

The adolescent years can be an emotional and physical minefield of temptations and challenges, some of which can permanently impact their lives. Issues like crime, depression, substance abuse and sexual promiscuity are all things that your teen may be facing.

For Idaho teens:

  • 1158 juvenile arrests for crimes like drug abuse, property destruction and violence.
  • 30% use marijuana
  • Approximately 27% drink alcohol regularly, while 15% binge drink.
  • 7th in the country for adolescent suicide
  • 26th in the country for teen pregnancy
  • Over 8% of new ADHD diagnoses each year
  • 78.9% statewide high school graduation rate

Making the decision to send your son away for intervention can be painful and intimidating, but many teens must have the distractions and triggers of their daily lives eliminated before they can be receptive to therapeutic help. This makes programs like ours ideal for those teens that are putting themselves in harm’s way in their home environment. We offer supportive, yet consistent surroundings that train your son to become the agent of his own change and progress in a way that will benefit him now and in the future.

A Military School In Idaho May Not Be As Effective As An Out Of State Solution

We understand that it is frustrating for you to be unable to help your son at home and we want to offer a partnership that gives your boy the help he needs, while also providing you with peace of mind. While a teen help facility nearby may feel more comfortable because it keeps him close, our location in Utah means that we are subject to the most comprehensive laws and regulations for safety and accreditation in the country. We look forward to talking to you and helping you take the steps that will get your family back on track. Contact us today at Sundance Canyon Academy 866-678-2425.

We Help Teens Throughout Idaho, Including:
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