Military Schools In Hawaii

If you are at the end of your rope with your troubled teen and feel like you are out of options, a military school in Hawaii may have been suggested as a solution by well-meaning friends and family. While idea of sending a misbehaving boy to an environment where respect and obedience is paramount may seem ideal, it is not always the best option. A full time teen help facility like Sundance Canyon Academy is the best way to get your son the therapeutic intervention he needs in an environment that is consistent but supportive. We are dedicated to helping each of our students learn how to change their behavior through holistic methods that make them the agents of their own change and allow them to gain the skills they need to cope with their issues and meet challenges now and in the future.

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Why Should You Trust Sundance Canyon Academy?

Adolescents develop and grow differently than children or adults and our program is designed to reflect that need. Some of the specific advantages we offer are:

  • Holistic methods instead of a behavior modification approach. We encourage our students to explore the root of their behavioral issues and begin healing from the inside out rather than simply trying to adjust the symptoms. We feel that true change can only happen after dealing with the entire problem.
  • Unlike some other facilities, we feel that parents should be highly involved in their son’s education from the beginning. We welcome family visits throughout their teen’s stay with us and we aim to educate parents as well.
  • Our educational program is fully accredited and our students will receive the help they need to maintain academic progress at their own pace.
  • Our curriculum incorporates a variety of therapy modalities in addition to individual and group sessions. Teens are able to participate in experiential options like music, art and recreational activities in order to gain a fully comprehensive experience. Life skills preparation and training helps teens move toward successful adulthood.
  • We offer an Aftercare program that helps families adjust to life after their son returns home. This support is ideal for helping teens maintain the positive changes they have made.

Challenges For Teens In Hawaii

The variety of pitfalls during the adolescent phase can be alarming. From depression and crime to sexual promiscuity and substance abuse, teens are subject to situations that can leave a permanent impact on their lives.

For Hawaii teens:

  • In 2008, there were over 2000 arrests for property/violent crime and substance abuse.
  • 13% experiment with illegal drugs.
  • 15% abuse alcohol and 10% report binge drinking.
  • 8th in the country for suicide
  • 49% pregnancy rate per 1000 girls.
  • 6.5% yearly ADHD diagnosis rate every year.
  • 80% high school graduation

It is not uncommon for parents to discouraged because they are unable to inspire or encourage their teen to make changes at home, but the disruptions and temptations they deal with on a daily basis may be too much for them. A full time facility like Sundance Canyon Academy is an ideal way to give your son the restrictive, but supportive environment he needs in order to make positive and lasting changes. We encourage our students to take charge of their own healing process and have found that this helps them gain the skills they need to self-regulate and become successful adults. Our goal is to not only help your teen succeed now, but also throughout his life.

Sundance Canyon Academy May Be A More Helpful Option For Your Son Than The Military Schools In Hawaii.

While most parents first consider options that are close to home when they are looking for facilities for their teen, we want to encourage you to consider your options for out of state as well. Not only do the regulations and laws vary, but experience and a cohesive program is more important than location when it comes to your teen’s long term emotional and physical rehabilitation. Call us today to speak to one of our experienced and caring staff members about your concerns for your son and the ways we may be able to help him. 866-678-2425.

We Help Families Throughout Hawaii, Including:

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