Military Schools In Delaware

Wouldn’t parents in Delaware love to see their troubled sons safety enrolled in a school where they are able to work on academic, behavioral and emotional challenges? Of course they would. That’s why many Delaware parents are avoiding military schools in Delaware and choosing residential therapy schools instead. While some parents think that military-type schools might be the answer for troubled teens, they are rarely a good long-term solution.

Sundance Canyon Academy, a residential therapy school, is a better alternative than military schools in Delaware. To find out why, please call 1-866-678-2425.

Reasons Why Parents Should Pick Sundance Canyon Academy

Sundance Canyon Academy is a unique therapeutic boarding school in that it has one-of-a-kind treatment programs with highly qualified staff members. Teen boys with emotional, mental health and behavior issues will thrive in an atmosphere of compassion and concern for their well-being. With therapists, administrators, teachers, mentors and more all working together on behalf of each Delaware teen boy, it’s remarkable what can happen.

The Academy has helped hundreds of teen boys from across the country. With a focus on therapy, academics and recreation, teens emerge from their troubled past and step boldly into a brighter future. They learn skills that help them transition from adolescence to adulthood, and many parents simply cannot believe the changes in their sons. While it’s difficult for parents to take the big step of enrolling their teenager in a residential center for therapy, it is often the thing that completely changes life for the better.

Military Schools in Delaware Don’t Measure Up to Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Military schools don’t focus on healing as much as they do on changing the teen’s behavior, no matter what. Using extreme measures and a pseudo-military approach to physical labor, punishment and harsh tactics, military schools in Delaware merely get the teen to stop bad behavior for the short term. For really lasting results, the teens need to identify and address mental illness issues, then work on coping strategies to deal with them in everyday life. There’s no doubt that boarding schools are the right way to go with troubled Delaware teen boys.

There are plenty of things that therapeutic resident schools offer that military schools cannot promise:

  • Licensed and experienced teen therapists that help kids figure out what their root problems are and then work together to overcome them.
  • Certified teachers with experience in special education to give teens a chance to repair school credit and earn additional credit.
  • Accredited academic programs where teens can get a diploma after fulfilling the requirements.
  • Fun recreation therapy programs that range from wilderness and survival courses to equine therapy to sports, drama and art.
  • Independent living skills like budgeting, cooking, laundry and leadership to ensure teens can become successful in life outside of the program.

No matter what kind of problems a Delaware teen boy is facing, there’s hope for him when he enrolls in a therapeutic resident center or boarding school. It’s hard enough to be a teen in the world today, but for those with extra burdens, they need extra help.

Delaware Teens in Trouble: State Statistics

When Delaware teenagers need some real therapeutic help, but aren’t getting it, they tend to turn to reckless behavior that either helps them ignore their problems or calls attention to themselves in negative ways. Either way, the types of things they do can seriously jeopardize their futures.

These Delaware teen stats are a good example of bad behavior:

  • What percentage of Delaware teen boys drink before age 13? 23%
  • How many teens in the state say they go binge drinking? 20%
  • What is the percentage of marijuana use among DE boys? 43%
  • Percent of Delaware high school students that graduate: 80%
  • National rank for suicides: 33rd

Parents in Delaware with concerns about their child should not take these statistics to mean that bad behavior is imminent. In fact, it can be a good wake-up call to parents and teachers that the teen boy is calling out for help in his own way. Sundance Canyon Academy is the best way to deal with all the different problems faced by teen boys in Delaware.

Parents Must Pick Sundance Canyon Academy Before Any Military Schools in Delaware

There’s no reason for parents to choose a military school in Delaware over the high quality programs at Sundance Canyon Academy, Located in Utah, SCA is regulated by some of the toughest laws in the country. Delaware teens who suffer from everything from anxiety and depression to reactive attachment disorders and ADD/ADHD will benefit from spending time at the Academy.

Parents in Delaware with interest in the Sundance program should make contact at 1-866-678-2425.

Teen Boys From the Following Delaware Cities May Benefit From Sundance Canyon Academy:

Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Newark, Smyrna, Middletown, Milford, Seaford, New Castle, Laurel, Millsboro, Camden, Milton, Selbyville, Lewes and Townsend.