Military Schools And Boot Camps In California For Troubled Teenage Boys

Teens that do not respond to their parent’s efforts to help them turn their lives around can benefit from outside intervention. If your teen’s behavior has become such a challenge that you are looking into military schools and boot camps in California, we can help you. Sundance Canyon Academy is a full time school for troubled teens, designed to help them overcome their behavioral challenges through a unique and effective therapeutic approach. We provide a strength based program that encourages troubled boys to become the agents of their own change and be better prepared for a successful future. Sundance Canyon Academy is a place where your son can heal and grow.

While you might assume that a military school or boot camp in California is the right solution to help your teen learn how to be respectful and mature, they may not be the right choices for your son’s behavioral issues.

  • Military schools are not designed to help teens that need help learning how to manage mental and emotional issues. Rather, they are meant to be a stepping stone for boys that would like a head start on a military career.  
  • Boot camps in California were once popular as the most effective option for troubled teens in California. However, it has recently been determined that such programs mostly offer only short term solutions. The intimidation and deprivation that teens experience in boot camps scare them into good behavior for a while, but as long as the core of their issue remains unexplored, they will most likely revert to previous habits and activities.

For more information on our program and how a school for troubled teens can benefit your son, please contact us today at (866) 640-1899 for a consultation. One of our supportive staff members is always ready to answer your questions.

Why Sundance Canyon Academy?

Our many years of experience qualify us to help troubled teen boys with almost any kind of behavioral challenges. We have developed a program that combines support, consistency and relationship based therapy in order to offer each student a uniquely effective experience, based on his individual needs. Some of the things that set us apart from military schools and boot camps in California are:

  • Parental Involvement – Unlike many other programs, we believe that parents should be a regular part of their son’s healing process in order to develop a stronger family bond and give him the involved support he needs once he returns home. We encourage on campus visits, but also offer exceptional video conferencing options for families further away.
  • Strength Based Therapy – We have designed a holistic therapy curriculum that is strength and relationship based, instead of using behavior modification techniques like so many other programs do. Our approach encourages boys to identify and work on the core of their issues, instead of simply addressing the symptoms.
  • Location – Our Utah location means that your son will be in an environment that is subject to the most comprehensive laws and regulations regarding teen help programs in the nation. Parents throughout the country look to Utah for the experience, accreditation and safety standards that will give them peace of mind.
  • Academics – We provide a nationally accredited academic curriculum for each student in our program. Licensed and qualified instructors will help your son move forward at his own pace, free from the distractions he experiences in traditional school settings.
  • Aftercare – Boys attending our program are encouraged to participate in a healthy balance of work and play. Once they have met their goals and are ready to return home, we are dedicated to helping them maintain their progress. We provide an Aftercare program that supports both teens and their parents in order to help them successfully transition back into daily life.

Common Challenges Faced By Teens In California

Teens are faced with more temptations than ever before and it can be a struggle for parents to keep their kids on a positive path. Some of the statistics regarding teens in California suggest that your son is not alone if he is dealing with an issue like substance abuse, crime or depression.

  • In 2017, 94 teens were arrested for aggravated assault, 73 were arrested for robbery, 264 arrested for larceny, 93 arrested for drug abuse and 76 arrested for weapons.
  • Every month, 22% of teens experiment with marijuana.
  • 33% of teens abuse alcohol and up to 13% binge drink.
  • 46th in the country for teen suicide
  • 22 babies per 1000 women born to girls under 20 in 2017
  • 6% of California kids between the ages of 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD every year.
  • 82% high school graduation rate

Knowing what kinds of challenges your teen is facing can help you be proactive about potential problems, but there is always the possibility that he will get out of control no matter what you do. If you feel your efforts are no longer enough to help your son, please consider the therapeutic benefits of Sundance Canyon Academy over a military school or boot camp in California.

Sundance Canyon Academy Is A Better Option For Your Troubled Teen Than A California Boot Camp Or Military School

The advantages we offer at Sundance Canyon Academy might be just what your teen needs in order to make the positive changes that can turn his life around. We encourage you to consider all of your options as you look for the best solution for your son without limiting yourself to California. Your first priority should be finding a program that is safe and experienced and, most importantly, a good match for your child. Location is less important than doing whatever you can to ensure that your teen is given the greatest opportunity for success.

We are confident that your son is capable of becoming a happy, healthy and confident young man and we have the skills and the resources to help him get there. For more details about our program, please contact us at (866) 640-1899.

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