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Military Schools and Boot Camps in Oklahoma

When it comes to teen help facilities, many Oklahoma parents turn to military schools and boot camps in Oklahoma to find professional therapeutic intervention. They hope the structured atmosphere, intensive counseling and specialize school setting will enable their troubled teens to get a new lease on life and leave their troubled past behind them. However, military schools and boot camps in Oklahoma are not the only options out there. In fact, it may be more of an advantage for an Oklahoma teen to leave the state for this kind of treatment.

Sundance Academy, located in Utah, is a perfect place for troubled teens from Oklahoma to attend. It provides long-term, lasting results that allow teens to transition back into society as positive and productive members.

Aren’t Military Schools and Boot Camps in Oklahoma Better?

While military schools and boot camps have a place in the teen help system, residential treatment centers like Sundance Academy may be more effective. Many boot camps are short-term solutions and military schools often focus too heavily on behavior modification, which is a structured approach of rewards and discipline. Often, military schools and boot camps don’t have licensed and qualified staff members guiding teens toward health and healing. Some programs don’t include academics or do so without credentials. Teen help programs are not all equal, and parents must do research to find the best.

Not all teen help facilities are the same, so parents in Oklahoma who want to ensure they are sending their troubled teen to a place that not only meets but exceeds the standards for a treatment center should conduct careful research of each option. Many Oklahoma parents are happy to learn that Sundance Academy is one of the best options in the country. The Sundance Academy program guides troubled teens in overcoming challenges, building healthy relationships, learning new skills, succeeding in school and facing life in the most successful ways.

Why Consider Sundance Academy?

Sundance Academy has so much to offer troubled Oklahoma teens and takes great pride in showing why it is one of the best options out there for teen help facilities.

  1. Outstanding academic programs are part of the healing and growing process to prepare teens for college or the job market.

  2. Effective life skills training increases independence and gives teens the tools they need to thrive.

  3. Exciting recreation and outdoor activities teach teens that they can overcome challenges, work as a team, gain confidence and have fun.

  4. Intensive therapy is a key part of life at Sundance Academy, with individual and group therapy.

All in all, Sundance Academy is a fine place for troubled teens from Oklahoma and other states to reap the rewards that come with health, happiness and ability. Oklahoma parents who want to find out more about Sundance Academy should call (866) 640-1899 and learn why this residential treatment center may be the better choice compared to military schools and boot camps in Oklahoma.

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