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Military Schools and Boot Camps in Minnesota

Sometimes it is best for troubled teens to get them out of their unhealthy environment and place them somewhere that is safe, structured and supportive. Minnesota parents who are seeking this kind of teen help facility often start looking for military schools and boot camps in Minnesota in hopes that there is a program where their child can get proper therapy, help in school and somehow overcome issues and challenges that are causing the problems.

Military schools and boot camps in Minnesota and other states are designed to get kids away from their current lifestyle and into an intensive intervention situation where they can get to the root of their problems and work to rebuild their lives. Sundance Academy is just such a place, where teens can come to recover, heal and grow.

Are Military Schools and Boot Camps in Minnesota the Solution?

Troubled teens who are not finding success in traditional settings like school, work and home usually benefit greatly at teen help facilities. Going by a number of different names, like therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, military schools and more, these teen help programs substitute daily struggles with therapy, healing and accomplishments. Rather than struggle behaviorally, emotionally and academically at home, teenagers get long-term assistance in these areas in a program away from home.

Many Minnesota parents are under the impression that they should only look at military schools and boot camps in Minnesota and not look past their state’s borders. In fact, there can be significant advantages to choosing an out-of-state school.

Here are 5 reasons why Minnesota parents should consider an out-of-state school:

  1. Teens are away from current distractions like friends, crushes, jobs, and more

  2. Teens get distance from exasperated teachers and faculty at school

  3. Teens no longer living at home can take a break from rebelling and power struggles with parents

  4. Teens are placed in a new environment to expand their horizons and see a new part of the country

  5. Teens have the chance to start over and reinvent themselves in a whole new location

Sundance Academy, located in northern Utah, is an ideal location for troubled teens whose parents are considering military schools and boot camps in Minnesota.

Why Choose Sundance Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy is dedicated to helping troubled teens overcome their challenges and reintegrate back into school, work and home eventually. It is an excellent alternative to military schools and boot camps in Minnesota for several reasons.

  1. Psychiatric and medical services

  2. Accredited academic program

  3. Licensed and experienced therapists for group and individual sessions

  4. Recreation therapy and outdoor adventures

  5. Life skills programs

  6. Proven transition success

Sundance Academy is the right place for Minnesota parents who are looking for a long-term solution to their teen’s problems and behaviors.  For more information on Sundance Academy, parents should call (866) 640-1899.

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