Life Skills

Life Skills are an essential part of our program. Students engage daily in a healthy routine including school, therapy, recreation and service.

Students advance in the program through a Relationship Management System.

Students are accountable for the following:

  • Compliance
  • Attitude
  • Personal Hygiene (Self and surroundings)
  • Interactions
  • Group Participation
  • Academics
  • Personal Chores
  • Responsibility

Student’s accountability will be congruent with the therapy levels and progress within the program. We provide a consistent and effective balance of therapy and self-management. There are 6-phases in the relationship management system.

1. Orientation Phase
2. Motivation Phase
3. Reality Phase
4. Climbing Phase
5. Character Phase**
6. Leadership Phase**

Transition and AfterCare

Sundance Canyon Transition is a specifically designed program for students who have reached the last 2-phases of the program and are anticipating their graduation within 30-60 days. The Transition program is specifically for students who need to implement their treatment in real-life and practical situations.

Transition allows our students to continue to finalize their treatment goals by providing greater responsibility, greater freedom, and less clinical ‘hand holding’. During Transition, students have more control over their time and afforded more privileges in anticipation of going home and implementing the Home Agreement.

AfterCare empowers a continual relationship between students, staff, and parents. It also creates a support network of family, friends and positive role models who may continue to serve as “coaches”, carefully coaching students as they develop greater functionality in managing themselves, resources and time.

The goal of Transition and AfterCare is to prepare our students to go home and be successful committing to the home agreement and practiced living. While many of our students are anxious to go home with thoughts of what may lie ahead of them, AfterCare can help them understand how to employ the skills that they have developed for continued success.