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Is Your Son Cussing Out Everybody? Teen Boarding Schools Can Help With Swearing Issues

When you first hear your child use a swear word, it can be a little disconcerting. Depending on your son’s age, your reaction might vary. When little kids use those words, they’re typically just trying out a new word that they’ve heard. So, you probably don’t take it too seriously. When teens and tweens use swear words, though, they know what they’re saying. So when they start cussing out everybody, you have reason to take it seriously.

Teen boarding schools can help with swearing issues that have gotten out of hand. There are a variety of issues that can lead teens to use profanity when they should not be. If your attempts to curb your son’s swearing aren’t working, he might need professional help getting his language under control.

Why does swearing matter?

Teens who have trouble controlling their language don’t typically understand why swearing matters. If they don’t understand why you won’t allow them to cuss, they will likely keep doing it. The first step to getting your son to stop cussing out everybody is explaining why it matters.

Each household is unique regarding the type of language that is acceptable. Maybe you don’t want any profanity at all to be used in your home. Perhaps you don’t mind if your child curses when they’re older, but they’re still too young right now. Maybe you don’t care if they use swear words if it’s in an appropriate context. In any situation, make sure that your teen understands why you have set your household expectations regarding curse words.

Techniques to help your child stop using profanity

Like all of the other rules in your household, your child needs to abide by the expectations for language. If your child has started using profanity, there are a few techniques that you can use to help them clean up their language.

  1. Clearly state the rules about curse words. Your child needs to understand what is and is not acceptable when it comes to using curse words. If they are allowed to use curse words in certain situations but not in others, make sure that they understand the nuances of your distinctions.

  2. Set consequences for breaking the profanity rules. If your child continues to use profanity even after you have reviewed the household rules with them, set clear consequences for breaking the rules.

  3. Help them learn to use other words. When teens get into the habit of using profanity, they can slip up and accidentally curse without meaning to. If your child is legitimately trying to stop cursing, but they are accidentally slipping up, help them learn how to use other words. In this situation, it might be better to reinforce positive behavior when they get it right rather than punishing them for getting it wrong.

Even if you don’t mind if your child curses sometimes, it’s important that they know why they shouldn’t cuss someone out. Using profanity casually is one thing, but using it aggressively is another. If your son is cussing everyone out, he needs to learn how to manage his anger more appropriately. Learning anger management techniques during his teen years will benefit him throughout adulthood.

How do teen boarding schools help with swearing issues?

Teens who attend a therapeutic boarding school will benefit from learning new life skills in a supportive environment. Learning how to manage anger appropriately can be difficult for some teenagers. They must both learn to accept that life won’t always go their way and learn how to respond when they’re upset. This can be tough to accomplish at home.

Students at teen boarding schools attend individual and group therapy sessions along with life skills training classes. Therapists work with students to help them identify the root of their aggression and learn to behave differently. As students begin to develop empathy for others, they see the impact of their actions. Once teenagers start to understand the deeper implications of their words, they learn to choose their words more carefully.

If your son struggles with anger management issues and continues cursing everyone out, he may benefit from attending Sundance Canyon Academy. Contact us today for more information about our program for troubled teen boys.

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