Sundance Canyon Intervention Programs

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“Thank you for helping to change the life of our son and our family. Our deepest appreciation,” Lisa Z., AZ

You are in a bind and you need help quick.   Besides placing your son in a Residential Treatment Center, Sundance Canyon Academy offers a range of services to assist struggling Parents in handling and managing their Son in Trouble.

Parent Emergency Kit for Handling a Troubled Teen


This emergency kit contains help in getting your teen under control and out of danger.  Featuring suggestions on getting control of your son including local resources for immediate help.

The emergency kit contains steps to take now and people and resources that can help you right now.

Sundance Intervention Programs

If you are looking at keeping your son at home, Sundance Canyon Academy’s Intervention Program gives you a structured program to provide you and your son a curriculum and program to follow.  Their is a parent’s track and a student track.  Each works through a program that covers the same subjects but with different material – one oriented to the student and one for the parent.

  • Values – Getting You Started

  • Levels of Communication

  • ABC’s of De-Escalation

  • Consequences versus Punishment

  • And a Home Contract – our home contract works because it enrolls your son in the process.


Our Courses in our Learning Center

Relationships and Change

  • Create change in parent-child relationships, even when the other person is unwilling or resistant to change.
  • Discover how your beliefs and actions may actually be preventing the very changes you are hoping for.
  • Experience a change in the way you view others and yourself, especially your part in those relationships.

Parenting Principles

  • Learn seven core parenting principles that will provide guidance to even the most complex parenting situations.
  • Assess your parenting strengths and weaknesses and find out how to overcome those weaknesses.
  • Hear real life experiences from parents with challenging teens and how these principles helped them succeed.

Solution Talk

  • Discover a powerful communication approach that will help you resolve conflicts w/ family, friends and coworkers.
  • Find out how to keep your conversations from turning into frustrating power struggles.
  • Learn how to invite your teen to share his ideas and contribute toward finding solutions.
  • Understand what makes family communication fail and what makes it work.

The Home Team

  • Learn about the different kinds of support each of us benefit from.
  • Find suggestions for how you can invite family and friends to help you and your teen reach your goals.
  • Discover specific suggestions for how you can make the most of the Family Bridge and your Home Team.

Rules and Consequences

  • Understand how to identify and implement consequences that are appropriate and effective.
  • Discover how pivotal you are as a parent in successfully implementing rules and consequences in your home.
  • Learn a unique approach for establishing family rules – a collaborative process with your teen that is differs from the traditional “contract” approach.

Managing Emotions

  • Discover how to let go of guilt, insecurity and other emotions that tend to control parenting decisions.
  • Learn and implement five proven methods for staying calm in the face of challenging moments.
  • Understand the circular relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Connecting as a Family

  • Discover seven approaches to helping your family be more connected.
  • Receive specific tips and ideas for implementing these seven approaches with your family.
  • Get advice for how to overcome some of the challenges that may arise as you try to connect more as family.

The Return Home (for parents of teens currently in an out-of-home program)

  • Hear stories and examples from real-life families about their experiences during their teen’s transition home.
  • Learn what experience and research have taught us about the transition home.
  • Discover what you can do to help make the transition a more positive experience for everyone.