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Improving Academic Standing At A Residential Treatment Center For Teens

Many times a student comes to a residential treatment center for troubled teens with their academic standing in poor condition. They may be missing a significant amount of course credits, threatening their ability to graduate with their peers. A struggling adolescent’s grades may also be suffering, dramatically narrowing their post-graduation choices.

Any number of factors may have contributed to past academic challenges, including:

  1. ADHD, disorganization or other executive function deficit

  2. A learning disability

  3. Lack of motivation and/or focus

  4. Mental health challenges

  5. Truancy

Regardless of the cause, at Sundance Canyon Academy we work to get students up to speed and on track for educational success.

Sundance Canyon Academy Provides Quality Education

At Sundance Canyon Academy, your son will attend year-round classes Monday through Friday, taught by certified teachers and instructors using the Alta Independent Curriculum.

Teens who’ve floundered at school often begin to flourish as therapy helps them untangle the issues and the negative thinking patterns holding them back.

Their educational growth is further aided by a more individualized approach, which includes a 1:8 teacher to student ratio as well as individual tutors. We provide parents with regular updates on the headway their child is making in their schooling, and they can also log onto the Alta Independent web portal for daily and weekly progress reports.

We Help Teens Plan for College

When a teen is in crisis they’re mired in tunnel vision, unable to envision a more positive tomorrow, let alone a successful long-term future. At Sundance Canyon Academy, it’s not just our job to help students visualize thriving once their treatment is over. We’re committed to help make it happen.

We provide academic counseling, guiding students toward courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements and college admissions criteria. Students get 100 percent credit transfer for any college preparatory courses. They’re also guided through the college search and application process as well as applying for scholarships and financial aid.

We Help Students Explore Career Options

We also help boys explore potential career paths and administer tests to identifying aptitude and interest. This process is aided by enrichment classes in vocational education.

One of our most successful vocational undertakings is a Culinary Arts Program offered to all students. Our culinary instructors, each of whom is an experienced executive chef, teach boys food preparation, management and hospitality in our commercial culinary kitchen.

Students gain confidence as they work together to create tasty meals, enjoy field trips to restaurants and other culinary destinations and even take part in internships.

We Give Parents New Hope

When you have a troubled teen whose problems are putting his future or even his life at risk, it’s hard to be philosophical, gaining comfort from the old proverb, “This too shall pass.” The truth is, however, that Sundance Canyon Academy students have gone onto attend a variety of fine colleges and universities, enroll in the US Army and Navy and graduate from acclaimed culinary institutes.

If you’re ready to help your troubled teen tackle his problems, contact us at Sundance Canyon Academy. We’ll discuss financing options, problem-solving approaches and your son’s bright future.   

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