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How To Choose The Right Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Troubled Teen?

Raising a troubled teenager can be stressful and it is discouraging when nothing you do seems to make any difference. If your troubled teen has not responded to outpatient treatment or disciplinary measures on your part, the next step is usually a full time facility such as a therapeutic boarding school. These programs are designed to offer an intensive environment of help and healing for severely troubled teens. Issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse or defiance can keep teens from developing effective relationships at home or school and removing them from their usual surroundings is often required to encourage real change.

Choosing the right program for your troubled teen can be intimidating. Because the idea of sending your child away is already difficult, you want to make sure that your experience apart is worth the time, expense and emotional investment. All therapeutic boarding schools provide full time therapy, monitoring and coaching for troubled teens, so selecting the best one for your son often lies in the specifics. While most facilities offer a combination of therapy options, including individual, group and family, some provide other benefits such as recreational therapy or life skills coaching. The option you select should have a strong history in treating the challenges your son is facing as well as a variety of therapy modalities to ensure that he is able to get an individualized treatment plan that is personal to him. There are also other factors to consider as you research options.

  1. Safety – Each state has different regulations and requirements regarding safety in teen rehabilitation programs. Make sure that each facility you research maintains at least the minimum standards required by the state. Keep in mind that many parents consider out of state options when the regulations of their own are not high standard.

  2. Individual Attention – The most effective therapeutic boarding schools will offer consistent individual coaching and guidance for each resident. An official assessment should be the first thing that happens when your teen arrives so the therapists and staff understand what his specific needs are before crafting a plan of care. This plan should be updated as he works his way through the program.

  3. Therapy Program – Look for a program that implements various types of therapy in order to address the root of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Treating a teen from the inside out is more likely to help create long term success.

  4. Parental Involvement – Your input as a parent is extremely important since you know your teen best. Some facilities keep parents at a distance during the initial stages of the program and while you may decide that this is the best option, you should still seek a facility that considers education of the entire family into the overall treatment plan. You will play a large role in helping your teen transition back home and an effective program will take a hand in guiding you during that process.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a therapeutic boarding school located in the mountains of northern Utah and specializes in helping troubled teen boys overcome their issues and successfully return home happier and healthier. Our unique holistic program has helped hundreds of boys turn their lives around and repair their most important relationships. If you have questions about our facility or program or would like a consultation regarding your troubled teen, contact us at 866-678-2425.

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