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How To Check A Boys Ranch’s Credentials For Your Teen In Need Of Therapeutic Intervention

Ranches for troubled boys offer a range of services including psychological counseling for addiction, behavioral or emotional problems, drug and alcohol treatment as well as imparting important life skills to those enrolled. They provide a safe and structured environment for boys to work on and get over their various issues.

Help Your Teen Now works with some of the nation’s most reputable boy’s ranches so we know which ones you can trust. We also help parents do their due diligence to ensure that the facility they choose meets their son’s unique needs and situation.

Establishing A Boys Ranch’s Credentials

Having been in the teen help industry for more than two decades, we know that there are good facilities as well as bad ones. This is why we encourage parents to do thorough research prior to enrolling their teens in any treatment center.

One of the first things you should do as a parent is to make sure the boys’ therapy ranch you are interested in has the right credentials to not only care for your son but also offer appropriate therapeutic treatment to help him overcome any emotional or behavioral problems he might have.

Here’s how to ascertain an institution’s credentials:

  1. Check it out online. Perusing a facility’s website and online footprint can be quite informative, giving you an idea of what they’re all about. However, be careful not to be taken in by fancy sites, glossy brochures or emotional videos. If something looks too good to be true, it usually is, so don’t base your decision solely on what you see online.

  2. Contact the boys’ ranch and ask for proof or support for claims about the program accreditations and staff credentials (experience, training and background). Reputable treatment centers should have no issues providing these and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  3. Contact the state regulatory agency to review all licenses. You want to ensure that the facility you entrust your son to has been fully licensed and is operating within the law. Crosscheck all the facility’s licenses and also check for complaints and reports of neglect and abuse. Additionally, ask the ranch which aspects of its program the license covers and see if the license is current.

  4. Visit the ranch prior to your son’s enrollment to get a feel of the place for yourself. If possible, meet with the professionals who will work with your teen and also talk to some of the boys at the institution.

  5. Call as many parent references as you have time for to get guidance, information and support. Their views will greatly help you to make your decision.

Sending your struggling boy to a therapy ranch is a major financial and emotional decision. Talk to Help Your Teen Now and we’ll help you figure out all the elements you need to consider to find the right treatment facility for your son.

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