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How Therapeutic Boarding Schools Treat Teenage Apathy

Most parents of teens have heard their teens express things like, “Whatever, nothing really matters,” or “I don’t care” at some time or another. But when that apathetic attitude is the constant response, it is time for parents to intervene.

Sometimes, a simple redirection of attention or a reduction in the burdens your teen is carrying can help them overcome their feelings of apathy. However, if your teen has been struggling with apathy, and nothing seems to help, it may be time to consider a therapeutic boarding school to help your teen reconnect with their feelings.

Teenage Apathy Is Often Rooted In Emotional Issues

It can be easy to blame things like social media for making teens more disconnected and apathetic. While excess social media can contribute to apathy, the emotional roots of apathy are the important aspects that need to be addressed.

Consider this—say you have an older teen who will reach adulthood in a couple of years. Your teen may feel overwhelmed and like they need to have their entire life planned out. So, they go on social media to de-stress, only to see posts from people their age who seem to effortlessly have everything planned out. It doesn’t matter that you know that people tend to only show their best side on social media. For your teen, they don’t have the experience and distance to truly understand that what they see isn’t necessarily real.

Shuffled into that mix are plenty of doomsday articles that go on about the terrible economy, how there aren’t enough jobs for recent college graduates, global warming, you name it, your teen has probably at least skimmed the headline.

This kind of bombardment of expectations combined with fear of the future—as well as proof in their mind that nothing will get better—can leave any teen feeling hopeless and apathetic. And these feelings aren’t restricted to older teens.

As younger and younger teens and pre-teens have more access to information, the feelings of being overwhelmed, hopeless, defeated before they had a chance, and other difficult emotions are likely to impact them as well.

Ways Therapeutic Boarding Schools Address Teen Apathy

Rather than leaving teens to struggle through an ocean of apathy—which can lead to an adulthood of passiveness and indecision—attending a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens can help. Some of the ways teens can be treated for apathy at a therapeutic boarding school are:

  1. Various therapeutic modalities – While talk therapy can be helpful for teens struggling with apathy, sometimes it is not enough. At therapeutic boarding schools like Sundance Canyon Academy, multiple types of therapeutic interventions are employed, from experiential therapy to group therapy. That way, teens can be reached where they are at and receive therapy that resonates with their needs.

  2. Development of new skills – Many apathetic teens are disengaged from the world around them. By learning new skills, teens can foster new interests and shake off their apathy. Therapeutic boarding schools present many opportunities to learn new skills ranging from learning a musical instrument to culinary skills.

  3. Greater educational assistance – The public school system is not designed for those who don’t learn outside of narrow parameters, leaving many teens to struggle and give up. At Sundance, we provide an accredited educational program that emphasizes small class sizes, tutors, and the flexibility to offer students extra assistance as they learn.

  4. Team-building activities – Fostering connections to others can help significantly in dissipating a teen’s feelings of apathy. So, at a therapeutic boarding school, teens are given opportunities to engage in many team-building activities with fellow students and staff. These activities can cover a range, from holiday activities to playing sports.

  5. Volunteering in the local community – Apathy can be a very self-centered emotion. To help teens break out of their focus on themselves, Sundance coordinates with the local community to provide students with opportunities to volunteer. By serving others, teens can see that there are somethings that matter.

Sundance Canyon Academy Can Help Your Teen Care Again

If you are concerned about your apathetic teenage son and want to see if our program is a good fit, feel free to contact us here at Sundance Canyon Academy.

Our program advisors will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you determine if our residential treatment center can help your son become the young man you know he can be.

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