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How Residential Treatment Can Set Your Teen on a Path of Success

When you hear the term “residential treatment,” several images probably come to mind. Unfortunately, some of those images might not be good.

Though residential treatment centers have been pivotal for many people’s recovery, others have suffered at the hands of inept treatment center staff. Before sending your teen son to a residential treatment center, you want to be sure that he will live in a caring, supportive environment.

Today, we want to set your mind at ease and make sure you know what to expect at Sundance Canyon Academy. Our staff is fully trained and certified to work with students from a variety of backgrounds. We value our students and their families, and our school provides a safe environment for students to learn and grow.

Choosing the right residential treatment center

When troubled teens move into a residential treatment center, their world gets turned upside down. They’re in a new environment, away from their daily routines and everything they know.

As you can imagine, this sets the stage for one of two things to happen:

1. either the teen will receive the care they need and begin to grow as a person, or

2. they will be exploited by a company that doesn’t actually care about their students.

Choosing the right treatment center is vital to your teen’s growth. At a quality treatment center, teens can break free of the habits that hold them back and learn new, healthy ways to live. There’s nothing wrong with being scared and vulnerable for a little while. With the guidance of trained therapists and a consistent structure, teens turn their vulnerability into a confident, healthy lifestyle.

Our students receive personalized treatment plans designed to meet their individual needs. Each student comes in with their own story and goals, so we believe each student should be treated individually. In turn, personal success leads to group success.

Daily activities range from academic in-class learning to hands-on life skills training. All students participate in academic counseling to help them succeed in their education. Many students who come into the school with learning disabilities or behavioral issues have experienced setbacks at their traditional schools. Our academic counselors get students back on track to graduate high school and make post-graduation plans.

Students also get the chance to participate in sports, outdoor expeditions, and service-learning opportunities. Sundance Canyon Academy is much more than your ordinary boarding school.

Beginning the path to success

By participating in various positive activities, students at our therapeutic boarding school begin on the path to success. As they move through the program and see progress in their therapy, students take on more leadership roles and develop more responsible habits. From therapists to teachers, our staff members are trained to help students implement lessons learned from their everyday interactions.

We believe that there are seven keys to success that every student should experience on their path to success. While in our program, students are immersed in a structure that reinforces these success strategies daily.

The Seven Keys to Success:

1. Therapy

2. Education

3. Service

4. Life Skills

5. Nutrition

6. Recreation

7. After Care

Students take more ownership of their actions when they see the direct results of their effort. So, all of our students get to participate in numerous extracurricular activities and learn new skills. We have an extensive culinary arts program that allows students to learn a new skill that can be useful back home.

Students also get to go on exciting field trips to outdoor locations to test their metal and forge an appreciation for nature. Through everything we do, students learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Whether in class, in the kitchen, or in the wild, teens experience life in a new and engaging way. All the while, our staff members are there to guide students through the experience to keep them safe and help them learn.

If you think that Sundance Canyon Academy could be a good fit for your son, contact us at 866-369-2856 for more information about our program.

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