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How Much Therapy Is Provided At Your Son’s Therapeutic Boarding School?

When a teen consistently does not respond to outpatient therapy or disciplinary efforts by his parents, the next option is usually a full time therapeutic program. While some parents who reach this point with their teen are intimidated by the idea of sending their child away, even temporarily, the right program can be life changing. Troubled teens find the most long term success when they attend a facility that treats the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms. Intensive programs, such as therapeutic boarding schools provide a variety of therapy modalities that allow troubled teens to explore and identify the core of their issues before focusing on the activities and adjustments that allow them to overcome their challenges.

Although each facility will implement a different program, including different approaches to therapy, an effective school will understand the importance of creating an individual plan of care for each teen and his unique needs. Because there is no ‘one size fits all’ option when it comes to therapy, most therapeutic boarding schools assess each teen as he arrives in order to become familiar with his needs. Consistent one-on-one contact with therapists and staff allow them to alter the parameters of the plan as the teen improves or regresses.

Most facilities offer a combination of individual, group and family therapies. Academic options are often included in the curriculum along with additional opportunities such as life skills, recreation or music therapy. Through these, teens experience the benefit of teamwork while improving their communication skills and building healthy relationships with their peers and authority figures. The most effective programs will implement a plan that prepares each teen to return home with the tools he needs to handle day to day challenges. As such, there is often an emphasis on how to effectively contribute in a home setting. Many facilities work with both teens and their parents in order to ensure that the transition home is as successful as possible. The primary goal of full time intensive therapy is to help troubled teens make changes from the inside out in order to achieve long term health and success.

If you are researching therapeutic boarding schools for your teen, it is important to take the time to look closely at what is offered at each facility and how it is likely to apply to your child’s unique needs. Your best option is to choose a program that will reach your son on a personal level, while also educating you as a parent to help him succeed for life.

Sundance Canyon Academy is therapeutic boarding school located in scenic northern Utah. Our unique holistic approach to therapy has helped hundreds of families heal and become happier. Our program is supportive, comfortable and proven to be effective without the usual behavior modification techniques. If you have questions about enrollment or the ways our program might benefit your son, call us today at 866-678-2425.

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