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How Can I Help My Teen Learn Commitment & Dedication?


As you watch your son make the transition from a child into a teen, it may have occurred to you that your main years of guiding and directing him are approaching an end. It can give you peace of mind to know that you have done everything you can to help him become a happy and healthy individual that is also a productive member of society. Two of the traits that it is particularly important for teens to develop are commitment and dedication. These characteristics will help him have successful personal and professional relationships and bolster him up when times are tough. While actual life skills are something that an individual must take to heart and teens cannot be forced to develop them, there are ways that you can help him experience the benefits of commitment and dedication while he is still young.

  1. Work Ethic – Helping your teen develop a healthy work ethic is an effective way to help him understand and respect the process of getting and keeping a job. Work is always going to be a part of his life and the earlier he decides what level of dedication he brings to the table, the better co-worker, client and/or boss he will be. Help your son develop this skill by encouraging him to be organized with his schedule, show up on time and follow through on projects he starts.

  2. Problem Solving Skills – The teen years are ideal for your son to practice problem solving skills, because you are there to catch him when he needs it. You can most effectively help him by teaching him to approach a scenario with four basic steps; identify the issue and define the actual problem within it, generate multiple solutions, make the most informed decision and then implement the solution. While it is tempting to guide him step by step toward the answer, it is much better for him if he is able to work it out himself. While you are technically a safety net, his greatest learning experiences will come from trying and failing and then trying again from a different angle. This process is particularly important to learn during the adolescent years since the setbacks he experiences are far less likely to have the financial or emotional consequences that they would when he is an adult.

  3. Reliability – An important aspect of being a committed and dedicated person is also being a reliable one. Teach your son to be the kind of person that follows through, keeps promises and develops a reputation for fair dealing. An adult’s personality often solidifies based on what he puts out into the world and how it is reflected back to him. Encourage your son to display the kind of characteristics that he ultimately wants to be known by.

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