High Schools For Troubled Youth

Raising a teen with extreme behavioral issues can be exhausting and frustrating for a parent. If nothing you have done to help your troubled son seems to be making a difference, it may be time to consider a full time option like a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment program. Such facilities are basically high schools for troubled youth, where they can get the help they need through intensive therapy, while maintaining their academic place in school. Full time programs immerse teens in supportive surroundings and keep them away from the triggers and temptations they experience in their home environment, They become more receptive to making positive changes as they are coached and guided toward developing the skills they need to become healthy and happy.     

What Does Full Time Therapy Do For Troubled Teens?

High schools for troubled youth offer 24 hour care and housing for the duration of their program. They are staffed and managed by professionals that are highly trained in adolescent psychology and are designed to be safe and secure. While each facility will have its own unique curriculum, most offer a variety of treatment modalities, including the traditional individual, group and family talk therapy. Some provide additional options like recreational, culinary, music or art therapy in order to engage each boy with hands-on experiences.  Academic programs, recreation and life skills experiences are also provided in many programs. Teens ultimately learn to manage their issues, cope with every day challenges and develop the tools they need for more effective interaction with those around them.    

What Can I Expect My Teen To Learn?


  • Communication – Group therapy and team based activities help each student practice interacting effectively and learn the benefits of teamwork.   
  • Coping Techniques – Many troubled boys have established unhealthy reactions to daily challenges and temptations. At a full time program, they are taught how to identify their triggers and develop and practice healthy ways to respond.    
  • Confidence – Poor self-esteem is usually behind many poor behavior choices. Through a multitude of therapy options, like recreation, music or cooking, troubled boys learn how to recognize their strengths and develop management techniques for their flaws.  
  • Education – Many facilities provide an academic course for their students. Boys are able to work at their own pace with additional help from licensed instructors and tutors.  
  • Balance – The main goal of therapeutic schools is to help troubled teens overcome their issues and help introduce healthy balance into daily life. Work, play and relationship development are all important skills to master for positive long term changes.   


Sundance Canyon Academy is located in northern Utah. We specialize in helping troubled teens heal through a uniquely designed relationship based program. Our approach allows boys to recognize and learn to manage their core issues, rather than just addressing the outward symptoms as so many other programs do. For questions or a consultation, please contact us at 1-866-678-2425.